Crazily off-topic (Concerning the PlayStation logo).

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I know this is exceptionally, nay, painfully off-topic but I was just a searching through the Prince of Perisa: The Two Thrones site just now in a vain quest to find if there's anyway to purchase the music from the game (I really, really like The Two Thrones. It's like Warrior Within only it doesn't suck! And the music is crazy catchy after a while. I've just watched the credits in full. And I selected them from a menu. That's how catchy the music is.) and I noticed that Sony are still plastering the original PlayStation logo over everything. Then they always stick the PS2 logo right next to it. What up wit' dat y'all? Do they really need to still use that logo? Maybe they still use it on their console (I wouldn't know as I only play PC, XBox and the original PlayStation. Gotta love that Final Fantasy VII goodness) but that seems amazingly stupid. Why not just stick with the PS2 logo? Hell, I remember when the PS2 only just came out I was confused for like, three months because I didn't know if the games they were advertising were for PS2 or PS1 (Or PSX as they used to call it in the magazines for some obscure reason). Just a little something which has bugged me for a while now.


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    That logo now just means "the Playstation line," not "Playstation 1." They use it for PSP as well and will likely continue it on PS3, just like they use the stylized "W" logo on all their walkman products, even though they all do different things.

    Granted, like you, I still mainly associate that isometric rainbow "P" with the original Playstation and not the entire product line, but Sony wants you to think otherwise.
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