iPhone version won't let me download episode two

I've been playing and would like to download episode 2 within Jurassic Park: The Game 1 HD on my iPhone. However, when I click on episode two, I get the message "cannot connect to App Store". However, the phone is connected to wifi and I can get into the App Store normally. I don't think this is a connection issue just a problem with the game connecting and I don't know how to fix it. I've restarted the phone as well as deleted and re-downloaded the game. Any help would be appreciated because I'd really like to go to episode 2.


  • Blind SniperBlind Sniper Moderator
    edited February 2016

    Unlike modern Telltale games (Walking Dead Season 1 and onwards), Jurassic Park Episodes are offered as individual downloads, and are not DLC for the first Episode. Because of this, you can download episodes directly through the App Store as opposed to being required to download other episodes through Episode 1.

    I would try downloading other Jurassic Park episodes directly through the App Store as opposed to using in game shortcuts. The App used to be iPad exclusive, but they recently updated it to work on iPhone and iOS 9 too. In updating the app, I am guessing there was some obscure change they needed to make on the back end that they forgot about. However, you should be fine downloading Episodes 2-4 directly off the App Store instead.

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