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Hello everybody,it's Thewalkingamonthrone,you may know me from the fanfictions i write,or this could be your very first time! I had the awesome idea of starting a new fanfiction centered on The Walking Dead,and i'll use ONLY the characters you create (apart from one.) Read the following document to Submit your characters and everything else.
If you want to write more than 1,feel free to do so! (Let's say four characters is the maximum.)

Thank you guys :)


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    Chris Larkin

    Chris was on his Harley Davidson when his phone started ringing. He picked up the call ''Hey man! It's me,Tom'' His friend spoke at the end of the line ''The band's stuck here in the bronx,a couple of people went crazy and tried to jump Clayton,fortunately they didn't get him. They are rotten creatures!'' Tom freaked out and Chris could hear the shock in his voice ''Relax,i'm coming now.'' He says,and ends the phonecall. He continues to drive through the city of New York,he saw people screaming and zombies trying to grab them,it was hell on earth,and it reached Chris and his band. He is the sidekick of the leader of the Forsaken,a band of bikers which ruled the crappy zones outside New York. The Leader of the forsaken never said his name,he was just The Leader. Chris is the best friend of Clayton and Tom,two of the band members. The other members are just friends,but he cared about them. A thought struck Chris ''Oh no,Ella...'' Ella was his girlfriend,he slowed down his Harley Davidson and got off. He then noticed he was in time to go get his girlfriend. He couldn't leave the band behind,though. ''Friendship or Love?'' Chris muttered,and got on his Harley Davidson again

    ''Where should i go?'' Chris thought...

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    Chris Larkin

    Chris started up the engine of his Harley Davidson ''I'm sorry,Ella'' He thought,and sped away,towards the Bronx. ''She's going to be okay,she's locked at home. Whoever's causing this trouble won't get in.'' He thought,while he was driving through the bottled up 5th Avenue. ''I'm lucky i have a bike.'' He thought,and he easily could drive between the cars. He felt someone pull him from left,he turned and saw a police officer pulling his leather jacket ''HEY MAN! YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE STREETS!'' The man said,and Chris nodded. Chris noticed there was a young woman and a child in the backseat ''Is that your child?'' Chris asked the cop ''Yes he is,and she is one of my partner's girlfriend.'' The man said ''Well,then you should get out of the streets too,cop.'' Chris said and slapped his hand away from his jacket,then he sped away. ''I mustn't lose time,the guys will be waiting for me.'' Chris thought. It was his time to shine,and get the gang members out of New York. After ten minutes of driving through endless cars,he saw someone running towards him,and he got off his bike. He then realized that the man wasn't normal,he charged at him and Chris got ahold of his throat,the man was snapping his mouth at Chris,his features were rotten,and face withered. Chris smashed it's head on a car's window,shattering it ''WHAT THE HELL MAN!?'' The person inside yelled ''KILL IT!'' Chris screamed,holding the zombie in place. He was pretty tall,and was muscular,so it wasn't a big struggle. The man reached out for a gun in his glove box and shot the man right in the head ''What are those?!'' Chris asked the man ''You didn't know? This morning it was all over the news,the government doesn't know what caused this.'' Chris thanked the man and got on his bike again.

    He arrived at the Bronx thirty minutes later,he was getting off his bike when he heard a girl shout ''CHRIS! OVER HERE!'' The girl came into Chris' view and he walked up to her ''Ashley,what are you doing out here? Weren't you at the-'' ''A large group of zombies,or whatever they are,spotted us outside our hideout,and now they're trying to get in. I snuck out of it to come and get you to Ella's house,fortunately i didn't found my bike.'' She spoke quickly,she was panting. ''Calm down,i'm going to distract those things and they'll get out of the hideout,you make sure they all get out of here safe,okay?'' ''I will'' Chris nodded and got on his bike,he slowly drove to the hideout,and when it came into view,so did twenty creatures pounding on the house's windows and door. The band's hideout was an average house,it had two floors. ''It kind of looks like a house where you cook meth'' Patrick said when he entered the band,and saw the house. Chris saw through the windows that all of his friends were all in the first floor. The band was formed by fifteen men,Chris,Tom,Clayton and the Leader included. This was just in New York.

    Chris then started to sound the horn,attracting the large group's attention,he then started to drive towards them,and then he went past them. The zombies followed his bike,and Chris turned around: His friends were exiting the house,and were getting on their bikes,parked outside it. He then turned around and drove towards his friends ''EVERYTHING ALL RIGHT GUYS?!'' He asks ''Thank you for coming! I was beginning to worry!'' The Leader said,and Chris nodded ''Let's go! We'll talk later!'' Clayton said as the zombies got closer. They picked Ashley up and they sped away from New York,and into the outskirts of the city.

    After a couple of hours,the gang stopped outside a prison. ''Do you think this is the prison Patrick has been brought in?'' The Leader said ''We could always warn them of the danger that's coming'' He added ''Or we could go in and kill all the cops.'' Bryan,a band member said,taking a pistol out of his jacket. ''We've never killed anyone,we're just hooligans in a stadium,we don't kill people.'' The Leader said,Ashley nodded. ''I'm going in. Anyone wants to come with me?'' The Leader said ''I'll come'' Clayton said,and the two went inside the prison. The band members were talking to each other,and Chris saw Ashley lying on her bike,he went over to her and made her sit on his lap ''I can't believe this is actually happening...'' Ashley said,and looked at the sky ''I can't too. Our only luck is being a big group'' ''We'll need tons of food though. There should be a grocery store around here,right?'' Ashley asked Chris ''We took this route many times,we know the owner of a grocery store a few kilometers from here. Don't worry about that.'' ''What if the Walkers reach us?'' ''I'll protect you.'' Chris said simply and smiled at her. She,Chris,Clayton and Tom knew each other since fifth grade,they formed a strong bond over the course of the years. ''It's actually getting darker,we need to find a safe place.'' Suddenly they see Patrick alongside Clayton and The Leader ''HEY! I MISSED YOU ALL!'' Patrick said and hugged the gang,then he pulled a strand of Chris' long blonde hair ''You should have been there! The trash can was burning like crazy!'' ''I don't need to make little road raids,they're all yours!'' ''We need to get back in town instantly!'' ''Unfortunately,it seems like a zombie apocalypse has started. They're all in New York'' Patrick's mouth hung open and his eyes were wide ''Is today the 1st of April?'' ''No,it's the 12th of September.'' ''I can't believe this'' Patrick said as he slowly sat down on the ground,then he jumped out ''WE'LL BE SLAYING ZOMBIES!'' ''This is serious,you don't want to find out what happens if you get close to them.'' Chris warned him and he nodded. The gang then formed a circle around Chris and The Leader ''What do we do now?'' Bryan asks ''We go to Jerry's grocery store,then we make for Philadelphia,we see if there is any thing left in the city,and we hold out there.'' Chris says,then turns to Ashley ''What do you think?'' He then turns to the Leader ''Let's do it.'' The both of them say. They then get on their bikes and get on the road.

    Two hours later they arrive at Jerry's grocery store,the door was open. ''I'll enter,Clayton and Tom,with me'' Chris said ''I thought we'd never do something like this'' Clayton says ''Yeah,like robbing a store for food? It feels better if you do it with friends. You have more fun'' Chris lightens up the mood,and Clayton laughs,alongside Tom. They enter the shop,but they are stopped by Jerry,who was holding a shotgun ''GET OUT OF MY SHOP NOW!'' He said,and pointed the shotgun at them. The gang gets closer to the store,attracted by the yells,and Ashley enters the store alongside The Leader and Bryan ''Don't you dare shoot!'' Ashley yells at Jerry ''We just need some food and water'' The Leader says,and Jerry gets a gallon of water and a couple of cans of soup from some shelves,and places them on the counter. ''This is all i'm giving you!'' ''We are your friends,Jerry. You know that it's not enough'' The Leader says,stepping closer to him ''You think i didn't watch the news?! I know what is happening! I need that food too!'' Chris slowly stepped away from the scene,alongside Clayton,Tom,Ashley and Bryan ''We need to take him out,then we'll have the food for ourselves.'' Bryan says,and gives Chris his gun ''Are you crazy?! He's preparing for survival! Just like us!'' Ashley says ''We've got to accept his offer.'' She adds ''That food is not enough,we'll starve before we can get to Philly!'' Clayton says ''I'd say we take the right amount for everyone,then we leave the rest to him. Maybe we could subdue him.'' Tom says ''I agree'' Clayton says,and the two high five. ''I don't know guys...'' Chris said...

  • Chris Larkin

    Chris took a deep breath and looked Ashley right in her eyes ''Bryan is right,we need to kill him.'' Ashley's expression suddenly changed ''We can't do that!'' She said,running a hand through her blonde hair ''We have to.'' Chris said,then he turned to Bryan ''Here.'' He said,handing him the gun he had. Bryan then nodded ''You made the right choice brother.'' He said and slowly walked towards Jerry. Ashley and Chris were watching from afar. ''Jerry,what about this deal,'' Bryan started to talk,but Jerry raised his shotgun ''I'M NOT UP FOR ANY DEAL!'' He shouted,and Ashley looked at him in fear. Chris then sneaked behind the counter,where Jerry was standing ''I assure you everything will come to an end. You just need to lower the shotgun.'' Bryan said in a calm,soothing voice,and walked up to him. Jerry then stopped talking,his shotgun lowering at every step Bryan took. Then he lowered the shotgun completely,holding it in one hand. ''Ok,i will-'' He was interrupted by Chris forcing the shotgun out of his hand,and pointing it to him. Jerry found himself surrounded by Bryan and Chris,so he got on his knees and pleaded ''PLEASE! TAKE ALL OF MY FOOD! I WON'T BOTHER YOU AGAIN!'' ''I'm afraid we can't,you understand...'' Bryan said but was instantly cut off by Jerry ''I HAVE A KEY TO THE MEDICINE STORE I HAVE IN THE BACK! AND THERE ARE SOME WEAPONS TOO! PLEASE,I'LL GIVE YOU THE KEY,BUT PLEASE DON'T SHOOT!'' He said,his voice cracking. Ashley looked at him in pain. She seemed too gentle,not ready for the apocalypse that had come. ''Give me the key.'' Chris said simply,Jerry started to search for the key in his pockets,and took it out. He gave it to Chris ''Ok. Just don't kill me,my family is hiding in that back room-'' Bryan then brought the gun close to his head,and shot him,killing him instantly.

    Ashley screamed and turned away ''WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?'' She screamed to Bryan,and punched him in the gut. Bryan winced in pain ''YOU THINK HE REALLY HAD A FAMILY?! THAT'S BULLSHIT.'' He said,and Chris dropped to his knees ''What...what did we do?'' He simply asked,and Bryan got on his level,and grabbed his shoulders,looking at him in the face ''It is the right thing to do. We'll survive with all of this food.'' He said,Clayton and Tom exited the store in sickness,not before spouting insults at Bryan. Chris then got up and looked at the key he had in his hand,and sighed anxiously,looking at the back door,which he hoped was leading to somewhere useful and interesting. ''It cost a man's life.'' He said to Ashley,which was looking at the key,and she turned away,leaning on the counter,hands on her face,covering her crying. Chris got closer to the door,unlocking it with the key,and pushed it open. He then heard a woman's cries,and saw a crazed woman running towards him. He restrained the woman,holding her by her shoulders,and saw that she had a knife. He snatched it out of her hands,and pushed the woman to the ground. Bryan then whipped out his gun again,trying to shoot her,but Chris shielded her,resulting in him taking a bullet to the shoulder. He yelled out in pain and laid down on the ground,grabbing his right shoulder. ''SHIT,MAN! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?'' Bryan said,and tried to shoot the woman again,but Ashley stopped him. ''She's pregnant!'' She said to Bryan,who slowly lowered the gun. The three were now watching the woman ''HE WAS MY HUSBAND! WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?'' She asked them. ''He was going to shoot us,we couldn't do anything else.'' Ashley said ''HE WOULD HAVE NEVER KILLED YOU! HE HASN'T DONE THAT BEFORE!'' She said,clutching her swollen belly. ''He has,ma'am.'' Bryan said,and decided to spill all of Jerry's secrets. ''He killed many people,he was in a drug dealing gang. I don't know where he spent all the money he got...but he told me that he didn't love his family anymore,that doing drugs was the only thing that made him feel alive.'' He said,and Chris snapped at him ''FIRST YOU KILL A WOMAN'S HUSBAND,AND THEN YOU SPILL ALL OF HIS SECRETS?! THE ONES HE TOLD US BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE COULD TRUST US!?'' He shouted at him ''That's right.'' Ashley sided with him. The woman then let out an inhuman scream,screeching and cracking,then she took her husband's shotgun and pointed it to her chin. Chris then held his hands up,unsure of what to do,and took a step towards the woman ''Don't do this! We made a mistake,and you shouldn't be the one to pay for it!'' Chris said,and the woman shook her head ''YOU RUINED MY LIFE! MY EVERYTHING!'' She said,and then she pulled the trigger,killing herself. Ashley exited the store,and Chris dropped to the ground,beating the floor with his balled up fist ''THAT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!'' He screamed,punching the ground. Bryan just stood his ground,almost unfazed. His face showing a bit of grief. Chris then slowly got up,looking at the scene he had in front of him: Jerry was dead on the ground,a wound on his head and a puddle of blood forming underneath him,and his wife was now knocked back a couple of meters,leaning on the counter,her brains were splattered on the wall,and her head was no more.

    Bryan then stepped out of the store,and a few minutes later four band members entered the store to grab all the food. One band member got down on Chris' level ''This is horrible. You couldn't have possibly caused this,it's not something you could do.'' He said ''It was Bryan's idea.'' Chris said,a tear running down his cheek. ''Fuck him. Something is not right with him.'' ''I sided with his plan.'' ''Don't do it anymore,this is how messy it can get.'' He said,and walked out of the store,not before patting Chris on the shoulder ''Try to let it go.'' He said,and exited the store. He then saw Patrick enter the store,and he was pretty shocked by the horrifying scene. ''Man...i don't even know what to tell you. Don't look.'' He said,putting a hand over Chris' eyes,and walking him out of the store. When Chris was outside,he looked around him. He saw Clayton and Tom eyeing him sadly,The Leader leaning on his bike,and Ashley puking in some bushes. ''Remember,we have to be honest with each other.'' He remembered The Leader's words when he was recognized as the co-founder of the gang by The Leader himself. He walked over to the battered pickup Jerry had,and saw that the key was in the car. He started it up ''It's not necessary'' Bryan said to him ''It is. We killed two innocent people for their food,and i'm going to make sure to bring as many as i can,they won't die in vain.'' Chris said,his yellow eyes piercing Bryan's soul. The pickup had a great capacity,they could put so much food in there. Time was running out,and soon they will be up and going,towards Philly.

    [Console Ashley] [Talk to the Leader about what Bryan did] [Talk with Clayton and Tom]

    These are the three chapters i already wrote for my character! Anyways,now you have to choose one of the options,and the most voted will win! There will be Butterfly Effect,which will show you the consequences of your choices! Thanks guys!

  • This story was amazing XD jealous of your writing skills :)

    I just have a question: Is this in the same world as the comics or TV show? Because they don't know what zombies are in either one :/

    [Console Ashley]

    Chris Larkin Chris took a deep breath and looked Ashley right in her eyes ''Bryan is right,we need to kill him.'' Ashley's expression sud

  • [Console Ashley] She deserves it.

    Hey, nice to see this back man. Can't wait for more!

    Great part!

    Chris Larkin Chris took a deep breath and looked Ashley right in her eyes ''Bryan is right,we need to kill him.'' Ashley's expression sud

  • I was thinking of both,but yeah i just realized the mistake,i'll edit all the ''zombies'' out

    This story was amazing XD jealous of your writing skills I just have a question: Is this in the same world as the comics or TV show? Because they don't know what zombies are in either one [Console Ashley]

  • Hello guys,enjoy this chapter! Remember to vote the choice you like most!
    Marianne Walker

    Marianne hid into a bush,clutching a piece of glass in one hand and a small red hammer in the other. She took sharp breaths in and out,crying. In a week,she lost all of her friends,she was the only one remaining. Before the apocalypse hit she lived in an apartment with her sister Sasha,her best friend Elizabeth,who had a baby,Suzie, and two other friends of hers. The first day of apocalyspe,her landlord tried to burn down the apartment,in a suicide attempt,and her two friends perished in that fire. She still couldn't understand ''How can someone be so desperate to do something like that?'' She thought,vividly remembering the episode. After that,she tried to get out of Philadelphia,she camped near a lake a day ago,but one of them bit Sasha. She didn't know what was about to happen,but now she does,hiding from the things that ate Suzie and Elizabeth,one of them being Sasha. Marianne broke down in tears,running her hands along her short blonde hair,a warm tear running down her blue eyes and stopping just on the tip of her nose. She roughly wiped the tear away but hurt herself in the process,because she grazed the burn on her arm,which she got in the house fire. She then peeked over to see where the things were,and saw the torn body of Elizabeth,her guts hanging out for the zombies to eat. She screamed and quickly ran away,from everything surrounding her.

    She ran until her sight was blurred,and sure enough,she was in the City Center of Philadelphia. She waited a moment to still her breath and listened for any of those things nearby,and fortunately she didn't hear no one. She then entered a comic book shop,and looked around for something useful. ''Why am i even looking for something in here,there's no way i can't find someth-'' And she felt something cold on her neck. ''Don't move.'' A cold voice told her,she looked down and saw the shiny blade of a hunting knife pressed to her throat ''Why are you here?'' The voice speaks up ''The sign says 'open' '' She says,nodding her head towards the door,she wasn't going to back down from him,no matter what. She then felt a sharp pain in her cheek,and fell to the ground,and quickly looked up at her attacker. He was a boy,much younger than her,and she soon felt more relaxed. ''Oh,you're just a boy'' The boy then brought up his gun,and she winced instinctively back. ''Shut up. You are just a stupid girl.'' She gasped ''What did you just call me?'' He then hit with all of the force he could muster her nose,which then became a fountain of gushing blood. She screamed in pain,and the boy's hand started to shake,and he pointed to the door with his gun ''Get up and out of here.'' She got up,and went to the door,but turned to him at the last second ''If this is how you treat your customers,i suggest you work in another field'' She then opened the door,turned the sign to 'CLOSED' and walked out. She then walked away to a grocery store,holding her nose ''Short wavy hair,red,has brown eyes and a bandana,i'll remember you.'' She spoke to herself,willing to make the boy pay. She entered the grocery store and immediately noticed that it wasn't raided yet. She looked around in delight,observing all the things she could get from here,she went to get a shopping cart and walke-''AAAAHH!'' She screamed as one of them made her fall to the ground,she pushed it away and took her small hammer,and smashed it into its face,but the handle broke and the thing lunged to her neck,but she headbutted it and hastily smashed its head on the ground repeatedly,until it was a mass of red. She got up and muttered ''Fuck,i must be more careful'' And went back to filling her cart up ''I'll do one go now,for the food,then i'll come back tomorrow,for the medical supplies,and other things.'' She smiled satisfied to herself and loaded the cart up with various packets of spaghetti,cans of tomato soup and bottles of water. She rolled the cart outside and looked for a place to stay for the night,and maybe set up a base. She decided that a flat was suitable,had more apartments and it was nothing special. She tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge,it was made of glass,so she decided to kick it in. The glass broke pretty easily but the sound attracted two monsters that were eating a squirrel ''FUCK!'' She spouted and ran towards the staircase ''1st floor should do.'' She tried to walk up but the cart wouldn't budge,it was blocked. She panicked and the monsters were right behind her,she firmly grasped the piece of glass she had and lodged it into one of the two's eye. The other grabbed her shoulder and she grabbed his throat,preventing him from biting,then smashed his jaw until his teeth fell out. She then smashed his head on the wall in disgust,and sighed ''Can you do something right for once?'' She said to herself,and rolled the cart into the elevator and pushed the 1st floor button. She quickly got out and watched as the doors closed ''If the elevator has to crash,i'm not about that life.'' she then jogged to the first floor to get the cart out of the elevator when suddenly she heard a gunshot. Her heart rate picked up and ran the small corridor to the elevator to roll the cart out of it. She then opened the door to an apartment,rolled the cart in and closed it quickly. She looked out the window and saw the boy from before shooting to a group of monsters headed towards him,true fear in his eyes,and with terror Marianne noticed that a monster was sneaking up on him from behind. She quickly looked around the room to find a weapon and found a 12 gauge shotgun,with 5 shots in it. She could save the boy's life and maybe he'll stay with her,which was the thing she was looking for most after her friends died. Company.''What should i do?'' She thought to herself...

    [Get out of the apartment and try to save the boy's life] [Stay in]

    So,that's it guys! This part's over! What do you think of the new character? Do you like her? I hope you do! Thanks as always guys!

  • Wow! Thanks, I think you captured her really well :3

    [try and save the boys life]

    Hello guys,enjoy this chapter! Remember to vote the choice you like most! Marianne Walker Marianne hid into a bush,clutching a piece of

  • [Get out of the apartment and try to save the boy's life]

    Wow, good chapter, I liked how you used the comic store as a setting! I hope Marianne doesn't turn into a Walker... Oh wait she technically is one already Haha.

    Hello guys,enjoy this chapter! Remember to vote the choice you like most! Marianne Walker Marianne hid into a bush,clutching a piece of

  • [Stay in]

    Not going to risk a life for that guy.Nope.

    Great part!

    Hello guys,enjoy this chapter! Remember to vote the choice you like most! Marianne Walker Marianne hid into a bush,clutching a piece of

  • Wait,is this a joke about her surname? Or a statement that she is already infected?

    FlareBattle posted: »

    [Get out of the apartment and try to save the boy's life] Wow, good chapter, I liked how you used the comic store as a setting! I hope Marianne doesn't turn into a Walker... Oh wait she technically is one already Haha.

  • Hello guys! New chapter! Enjoy it

    Chris Larkin
    You all decided to Console Ashley.


    Chris walked up to Ashley,still puking her soul out in a bush,and gently held her hair back.

    (?) Ashley will remember that

    ''Jeez,if i knew this apocalypse was going to happen i sure wouldn't have let you drink that much last night'' Chris said,and Ashley smiled at him,then she stopped puking. ''I never got drunk,that was my first time,you know how i feel about alcohol and shit like that.'' This was the thing Chris liked the most about his best friend Ashley,the fact that she was an absolutely simple girl,with no tattoos,natural reddish brown hair and two green eyes that could conquer every man's heart. He often wondered why he never dated her,instead of Ella,but always pushed the thought out of his mind. ''Yes i do ms. Hypocrite'' He laughed,while taking his hair tie off ''I told you it was just this time,besides,where are we going to find booze in the apocalypse'' He laughed and tied her hair together in a nice ponytail. His now shoulder length hair were free,he often got picked on at school for the length of them,the thought now flooded into his mind ''What happened to the last guy that called me gay for my hair?'' Ashley then cringed ''You broke his face in with an extinguisher. You were just exiting class,he called you that and you didn't even answer,you just ripped an extinguisher off a wall,and hit him in the nose with it. I had to pry you off of him,with the help of Clayton and Tom.'' He laughed again ''It always makes me laugh how their names are always next to each other. You can't expect to hear Clayton,without Tom following.'' Ashley slapped him jokedly ''Just cause they're twins...'' They didn't notice that now the pickup was loaded,and everyone on their bikes. Chris then noticed that they loaded,Clayton's,Tom's and his bike on the pickup too ''So i get the pickup?'' ''YEAH!'' Clayton and Tom answered at the unison. ''Wait,what about my bike?'' Ashley said ''We're leaving it behind,there's not enough room left on the pickup.'' The Leader said,and she sighed ''Wait,i'll leave mine behind.'' Chris said,but got cut off by Bryan ''We haven't got much time before it gets dark! WE HAVE TO GO NOW!'' He sighed and got into the back seats of the pickup,slamming the door. Ashley glared at the Leader and quickly got into the pickup herself,in the back seats close to Chris. Clayton then got in the driver seat while Tom sat in the passenger seat. When the leader and the most important members of the band started the bikes,Clayton screamed with excitement and started up the pickup. Tom quickly grabbed a butter cup from the glove box and started munching away,while the others watched in disgust. ''Why didn't they let you drive your bike?'' Ashley asked Chris ''I don't know...maybe the Leader is thinking of replacing me with Bryan'' He cringed just at the thought ''I hope he won't. You're the Co founder of this group of Hooligans'' She said and in the meanwhile,everybody got moving. Chris could see that they were heading for the route 78. Ashley snuggled closer to Chris ''You really would've left your bike behind for mine?'' She asked him,he looked at her ''Yes,i want the best for you.'' She smiled and kissed his nose ''You're so sweet,you know how to be a good friend,not like all those hypocrites from our class.'' Chris and Ashley are both 17,about to turn 18 ''Yeah,i wonder where they are now.'' ''Maybe they're still in New York,wondering what's going on.'' ''I kind of miss school already,i was really looking forward to getting my final marks and going to Uni.'' Chris snickered ''What would you have done then?'' Ashley asked him ''I would go to a Marketing university,then try to shine in the school's basketball team and try to go into the NBA'' Ashley laughed briefly ''Hey,if something goes wrong i still get a great education.'' He said,and stuck his tongue out to her. Then they both heard the brakes slam and Clayton screaming ''GET 'IM BOYS!'' Ashley quickly looked out the window to see Bryan getting off his bike and chasing off a man with a leather jacket and a beanie ''Seems like you if your hair were blonde.'' She says ''Is he long haired?'' ''Yes,maybe he is homosexual'' She says with a fake retarded voice,mocking her school mates. They quickly laughed it off and soon they were on the road again.

    ''NO! I WOULD LOVE TO MAKE OUR OWN TALK SHOW! ISN'T THAT A GOOD IDEA,TOM?'' Clayton shouted to Tom,over the loud rap music that was playing. Chris turned down the volume ''It's shitty music,don't blast it like that,how old are you anyways.'' ''16'' The two twins sarcastically but truthfully answered,and continued to dream with open eyes ''AND HOW SHOULD WE CALL IT?'' Tom asked Clayton,completely ignoring Chris' remark about his favorite type of music ''I have a great idea: Late Nights with ClayTom.'' Chris said,and the car burst in laughter,from everybody. ''Oh my god! That was actually a great joke!'' Clayton said,before a loud thud was heard and everybody came to a stop. Chris saw the leader get off his bike. He opened the door of the pickup ''What's up?''The Leader looked at his watch ''It's dark now,10 pm to be exact,Jaeger fell from his bike and cut his leg open,we need to stop for the night,he thinks it's the best choice.'' ''I think we should keep going until we reach Philadelphia'' Ashley said,eyeing the ''Philadelphia: 10 Miles'' Sign that was near them. ''I'll leave the choice up to you.'' He then closed the door and went to sit on his bike again. ''Maybe we should stay here for the night,what if we hit those things in the road? And Jaeger needs rest,what if he falls off his bike?'' Clayton said ''You know brother,it might be kind of a shocker,but i don't agree with you. We don't have any tents,are we going to sleep on the filthy ground,where maybe blood will attract those creatures,or maybe insects that will suck Jaeger's leg off? And if he bleeds too much,he might die from blood loss,whereas in Philadelphia we can go to a pharmacy and stitch him back up,safe and sound!'' Tom said,with a smile on his face. ''That's a good plan too,brother!'' Clayton said,and high fived his best friend,and brother. ''What would you do,Ash?'' Chris asked her ''I think the best choice is to go,it's not like there's a lot of road left.'' Chris then made his decision...

    [Stay for the night,make camp on the highway] [Stay for the night,make camp in the woods close to the highway.] [Don't Stop until you get to Philadelphia.]

    So guys! How are you doing? I hope you're good. Did you like this chapter? I think it was good,especially the backstory of Chris and Ashley's friendship. Don't worry,i haven't forgot Ella,Chris' girlfriend. Anyways,whose part do you want next?

    [Another Chris part] [Marianne part.]

    Thanks as always guys!

  • It's a joke about her name.

    Wait,is this a joke about her surname? Or a statement that she is already infected?

  • [Don't Stop until you get to Philadelphia.] It's only 10 miles. What could go wrong? Other than everything.

    [Another Chris part]

    Great part man!

    Hello guys! New chapter! Enjoy it Chris Larkin You all decided to Console Ashley. DAY 1 OF THE APOCALYPSE Chris walked up to Ashl

  • [Don't stop until you get to Philadelphia]

    Have a bad feeling about camping in the woods ^-^

    [Another Chris part]

    Hello guys! New chapter! Enjoy it Chris Larkin You all decided to Console Ashley. DAY 1 OF THE APOCALYPSE Chris walked up to Ashl

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