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    Friends, I'm thrilled to share my experience of the epic battle with Uber Lilith in Diablo 4. It was the most challenging boss I've faced yet! Her attacks are brutal, the battle mechanics are mind-boggling, and the arena is constantly changing.
    It took me several attempts to finally defeat her, but it was an incredible journey. Each time I overcame a phase, each time I survived the hail of her attacks, I was one step closer to triumph.
    Uber Lilith is a real challenge for the most experienced players. It challenges your skills, teamwork, and strategic thinking in the most exciting way!
    Have you already played Uber Lilith and what were your impressions? If you have problems with your boss, you can contact here

  • A new poster for the Fantastic Four movie has been released!

    Pretty much confirms that the suits Reed and Sue are wearing will be the suits in the movie, and the retro-futuristic city in the back pretty much confirming the alternate universe approach.

    Also just a neat detail with the lines on Johnny's suit mimicking his original design from Jack Kirby's run.

    Spoiler tagged for being a big ass image.

  • Episode 5 of X-Men '97 released and it is incredible. An absolute triumph in storytelling and animation, that had me teetering off the edge of my seat. If the series continues with this level of quality, the series could become one of the greatest things Marvel Studios has ever released. So much love and care is put into this world and its characters and it really shows. It's so fun, dramatic, and heartbreaking! This is the most I've cared about X-Men since First Class.

    Now I'm just left wondering what the hell did Beau de Mayo do to make Marvel so mad.

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    A new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine is out and it looks GREAT!

    Lots of swearing, blood, sleeveless Wolverine, it's got it all. Also looks like the villain of the movie will be Cassandra Nova who is a very very weird villain from the comics and also

    Spoiler for comicbook bullshit

    the alien parasitic twin sister of Charles Xavier who he fought a telekinetic battle with in the womb.

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    The first season of X-Men '97 is over, and I don't think there's a better word to describe it than astonishing. In my humble opinion, X-Men '97 is not only the best onscreen adaptation of the X-Men to date but also one of the greatest superhero adaptations of all time. Every aspect of the show radiate love and dedication, from the characters and dialogue to the visuals and animation.

    The series stands out by fully embracing the crazy and, more often than not dark themes that have defined the X-Men since Chris Claremont's era. There's a rawness to the show that feels refreshing, as it doesn't shy away from depicting intense violence, exploring moral ambiguity, and tackling significant societal and political issues of our modern day world. These elements are handled with a level of maturity that really elevates the narrative, making the stakes feel real and ever-present.

    It's incredibly evident that the '97 crew were given free rein to whatever they wanted with minimal constraint, and it's reflected in pretty much every episode of the season. I can't believe I'm saying this, but X-Men '97 really pushes the boundaries of what a superhero story can be. The show is damn near perfect and sets the bar for what the MCU's X-Men should achieve. I cannot wait the for the next season.

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