3D vs 2D Artwork

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Well done on the announcement of 'bone'. Sounds like it'll be an excellent title, and I cant wait to dig into it! :)

I'm somewhat worried about the use of 3D ingame though. From the Adventure Gamers article :

"So a lot of the artistic design questions have already been answered and shifting them from the 2D comic pages into the ‘real’ world of 3D games has been relatively smooth. "

Personally, I've enjoyed old school adventure games such as Sam 'n Max, Day of the Tentacle, Simon the Sorcerer I and II and many more, and have loved the background artwork they made use of. While 3D is modern, I personally feel it doesnt carry the same emphasis that the old school 2D backdrops do.

Will all of Telltale's new games utilise 3D techniques?

I'm really hoping for graphics that help to tell the story, rather than show off the engine- 3D graphics take alot of work to get right in that department, so I'm hoping it works out well :)

What does everyone else think of the subject? 2D or 3D?


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