Sons of Gregor Forrester (Fan fiction by DaveTheArakin)

Home... Asher thought as he saw the distant harbor. It has been four years since his father exiled him from Ironrath. He remembered the day that he left. They gave him a horse, food, his axe, armor and sword. He remembered when his whole family saw him leave. He could still see their faces. Ryon, still young and innocent, cried when he left, not understanding why his brother was leaving. Ethan and Talia, both standing close together and tried not to cry. Mira standing with mother, looking sad. Rodrik and father, looking at him. Asher wondered if his elder brother and father was feeling sad or relieved that he was leaving. Now father is gone but Rodrik remains. When I see him. When the better time comes, I will ask him.

Pushing away his thoughts, he turned to Beshka who is standing beside him. Asher took a deep breath. "You smell that? We're almost there, Beshka." He said as he smiled toward his companion and sworn sister. "Let's have a look." He said but was interrupted when he heard the sellswords fighting at the deck. Asher turned and shouted. "Come on! Break it up! The pit fighters look at him and then at Amaya. "Save your lovemaking for below deck."

"They listen to you. Barely." Beshka voiced. But what happens if your lord brother decides he's the one in charge once we're in Ironrath? Do you expect them to follow your orders? Or will it be you commanding them?" She asked. Asher thought about it for a moment. "Doesn't matter if Rodrik's the lord of our house. These are my soldiers to lead." He answered. Beshka showed him a little grin. "You may start by telling them that your brother is not to be harmed. He hasn't had a chance to win them over like you had." She suggested. Asher gave her a nod. "Point taken."

As the ship got closer to the harbor, they notices that there aren't any ships and the harbor seems quiet. Agreeing that sometime is wrong, Beshka went down to inform the fighters, leaving Asher to ponder and worry.

"This couldn't be easy, could it..?"

Rodrik Forrester is currently at the town's gate, waiting for Asher and his army. By his side was his Sentinel, Royland Degore. He has brought about a handful of men to escort him while the rest of his fighting men is currently in Ironrath. He wished that they have a better standing. Right now, he has barely a hundred men under his command and most of them didn't have many experience in a true fight. Ser Royland has done the best he could to train them, but there simply wasn't enough time to train them as proper soldiers. He wished that he could find the fighters who deserted when his little brother Ethan died, but again there simply wasn't enough time.

"Hopefully Asher's sellsword can even our odds." Royland voiced. Rodrik turned to him. First we get Asher and his fighters to Ironrath, from there we shall plan our move against the Whitehills." He told him. The Whitehills still outnumbers us. All we can do now is to strengthen our defenses and wait out the storm." The Sentinel said. "But I worry about what Duncan have told them. They know how many men we have, our supplies and the strength of our gates." Rodrik know how grim the situation was. When Talia came to inform him about it. He could not believe that Duncan would betray them like this, even after sending Gared to the Wall for the House. He wouldn't have spared his life if it Asher's life wasn't on the line. They are well aware that they plan to ambush Asher and their plans. Once Asher is here, they need to leave immediately.

"My lord, look. Asher is here." He pointed. Asher has grown older. When he left Ironrath, he has barely become a man. Rodrik remembered that he was worried for his brother's life and the seriousness of the situation at the time. Rodrik was disappointed that Asher have an affair with Gwyn Whitehill and how their action nearly started a war that could have cost them heavily. But still, Asher was his brother and they need his help now. Forresters must stand together. Rodrik wondered if they started the war then, if that was a better choice than sending Asher to exile.

Rodrik approach. "Asher. Thank the gods that you made it back." He smiled. Asher gave him a look. "You looked better." He said. Still angry, Asher? I didn't banish you. We never wanted you gone. He thought sadly. He took a deep breath. "We've no time to small talk, brother. I hope you are ready for a fight."" Rodrik raised his hand and Royland and his men know their orders and start walking toward the gate. "Ludd knows you are coming. He's sent men to intercept you. We need to hurry and leave."

Asher nodded and scretch his back. "Been stuck on a boat for weeks, could use a good fighter." He ordered his fighters to follow Rodrik's soldiers. There was this warrior, a woman, who stood beside him and didn't follow them but stayed with his brother. Before Asher could follow, he placed a hand on his brother. If Ludd means to attack them now, they will find his men marching first. Rodrik and Asher would be at the rear for now, once it is made clear the enemy is not nearby.

"What?" Asher said and Rodrik to see what he was looking at. A familiar face. Too his horror, it was a Whitehill. The man charged toward the gate's handle and hacked it. The gate felled and separated Royland and most of their fighters outside. "My lord!" The Sentinel shouted. Battle cries came from everywhere. Rodrik turned to see Whitehills soldiers get out of their hiding places and approach them with the clear intent to kill. And behind them rode Gryff with his smug grin and his eyepatch.

Unsheathing his father's sword, Rodrik lifted it. "To me! To me!" He commanded. Asher pulled out his sword too. It has been a while since I killed any Whitehills." His brother said as he killed one charging toward them.

Asher fought as best as he could. Beshka fought off several of them. The Beast tries to open the gate, but it won't open. "Help him! Someone!" Asher shouted. But then he saw a spear pierced through the Beast and the big man hollowed in pain as he fell and let go of the handle. "Rodrik! Asher! Get out of there!" Royland shouted. "Brother! Looks like it is up to us!" He shouted to Rodrik who has just killed another man.

As they ran toward the handle, Asher felt a setherieng pain at his leg. He winced in pain. "Asher!" He heard his brother and sister calling him. Both Beshka and Rodrik helped him toward the handle. They all tried to lift the gate. But the handle is half broken and could only lift a little. "The gate won't hold without anyone of us holding it...One of us has to stay." Rodrik said in a tone that Asher have never heard before, but he knew why.

"Go Rodrik, I know what I'm-.... He gets cut off when someone knocked him down. Disoriented and his world spinning, he heard only what he could hear. "Take him-...! A familiar voice said. "Thank y-.."

He felt someone dragging him and under through muds and then heard a loud smack in front of him. By the time, he gained any senses back, he saw that he was laying in front of the gate and then saw Rodrik helping him up. And then he saw Beshka standing at the other side of the gate. "Go!" His sworn sister said. Realizing what she has done, Asher got on to his feet. "You bastard!" How can you do this to me, Beshka!? You're fucking leaving me? Like this!?" Asher raged toward his sworn sister, fighting back the urge to cry. "Little brother...Go home. Be with your family, your real family." She said in a somber tone. "No! You are my family too! You promised that we will fight together always!" Asher grabbed the gate firmly as he stared at her. "You will always be my little brother." She assured him. The Whitehills are approaching quickly now. "Go!" She shouted.

Rodrik grabbed him by shoulder. "Asher, we have to go." He said both quietly and firmly. Asher gave her one last look. "I will avenge you." He promised her and then left with his brother as he heard the clashing of steels behind him...

(To be continued)


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    That was awesome! Always wondered how the Ice Dragon would go with both brothers. Excited for the next part!

  • ARGH! That was great. This story will be so great with both brothers, and I'm excited to see how Asher will act with a dead Beskha, making the story personal.
    Personally I prefer the version where one of the brothers die but I'm still very interested to see where you're going with this. I'm hoping that there's still that anger and grudge between Asher and Rodrik since they're both alive. Maybe Asher will even blame Rodrik for what happened to Beskha.

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    This makes me so excited for season 2.

  • Wooooowww.

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    Rodrik waits with Asher for the scouts that he have sent to report back. There was a fire in Asher's eyes and it burned more than he has ever remembered seeing him be. Once they made a great distance from Gryff and his men after the ambush, Asher demanded to give command as he explain that Gryff will follow them and tries to kill him again, as that was his objective. When Rodrik argued that he came to save him and that he was putting himself at risk again, Asher stormed off with his sellswords. Having no other choice but to follow him, Rodrik commanded his men to follow him to a small abandoned farm that Asher currently occupies with his sellswords.

    The riders came back. "They are right behind us. Less than half a league" They reported. Rodrik turns to Asher. "Seems you are right." He said. Asher didn't look at him. "Of course I am." He said bitterly. "They were there to kill me. Gryff would not return home to his father without my head."

    "Listen close! I want the road surrounded." Asher commanded. Rodrik turns to one of his men. "Ride to Ironrath. Inform them that I have Asher with me, what we are about to do and to prepare themselves." The lord told the rider. The man obeyed and rode to Ironrath. "Lay low, and be ready to strike the moment I give the order." Asher said to everyone. The sellswords seem to obey, but the Forrester soldiers seems confused. Royland turn to Rodrik. "My lord?" He asked. "Listen to Asher. This is his plan." Rodrik ordered. They nodded and start position themselves.

    Rodrik stood with Asher. They heard footsteps of men approaching. Once Asher caught the glimpse of a Whitehill, he threw his hand-axe toward the man and the steel entered his skull. "Attack!"

    Immediately a clashing of steels and battle cries took place. Rodrik killed two men until he spotted that Gryff was among them. "Catch Gryff! Catch him alive!" He shouted. Royland saw it. He grabbed a hand axe and threw it to the neck of his horse and the fourthborn fell off his horse.
    The ambush was a victory. They only got a few injured, while the rest of the Whitehills are dead. Except one.


    Laying on the ground, coughing and injured, he was about to rise up until Asher grabbed him by the neck and kicked his nose. The fourth-born whinced in pain as he struggles to breath. Asher starts beating him. He wanted to make him pain for what he did to Beshka. Rodrik grabbed his brother. "Asher, don't. He is more valuable to us alive than dead." Now Asher looked him in the eyes. They were red from grief and black with fury. "He killed her...He killed Beshka. I want him dead, Rodrik." He raged.

    "Believe me, brother. I want him dead too. But they still have Ryon. We can't risk his safety." He pleaded. Asher relented a bit, still holding Gryff. He remembered back in Meereen, when they infiltrated the city, Beshka went to search for her former master. Asher stopped her back then, now he truly understand how Beshka must have felt back then.
    "She felt good, you know..." Gryff cough. Asher stared at him. "What...?" He whispered those words out. "You should have heard her scream, when me and my men held her down." He said softly and half laughing. A black rage overcome him. He didn't hear Rodrik or anyone when he drive his sword through Gryff's gut. The fourthborn screamed like a pig as Asher shoved his hand through his open belly and pulled his insides out.

    Gryff's final words were a simple whimper and crying as he drew his last breath and fell frontward down the ground in front of Asher.

    Rodrik have no words as he watch his brother kill Ludd Whitehill's son in such a gruesome manner. He would be lying if he didn't wanted Gryff dead for all the torment he gave his family, but he know when to show restrain as he did with Duncan. "What have you done, Asher..? What, have you done!?" Rodrik demanded to know as he slammed his brother against the wall of the farm house. "Get off my face..." Asher stared back. "Don't you know what you just did? You put Ryon at risk! You put our family at risk! For what!?" He shouted.

    "For Beshka!" Asher roared as he pushed Rodrik back and headbutt him. "I have no regrets! It felt good killing the son of a bitch."Stagging back, Rodrik couldn't stop himself from punching Asher too. He was furious that Asher would let his anger disregard the safety of their family. Rage overcame them and the two brothers fought until Royland and his men pulled him back and Amaya and the pit fighters pulled Asher back. Tension was high now between the two groups. "Stop this now! Your father would be disappointed to see you two right now. And we have bigger problems with the Whitehills." Royland shouted as he pulled Rodrik away.

    Rodrik took a deep breath and got off Roylan'ds grip. His Sentinel was right. He gave his brother a look as the sellswords held Asher and keeping him from charging. "Asher, we don't have time for this now. Whatever problems you have with me, have to be put aside for now. Mother and Talia is waiting for us back home. For their sake, let's drop this idiotic argument and go home." Rodrik pleaded. Asher gave him a look and sigh. He closed his eyes and calmed down. "Fine..."

    Once that was said, the two brothers prepared their forces and start marching home. Leaving Gryff's lifeless body in the dirt.

  • OMG! That was great and gruesome. Gotta wonder how things will go down with Gryff dead.

    Rodrik waits with Asher for the scouts that he have sent to report back. There was a fire in Asher's eyes and it burned more than he has eve

  • Holy shit!

    Rodrik waits with Asher for the scouts that he have sent to report back. There was a fire in Asher's eyes and it burned more than he has eve

  • Dave, I just want you to know that...I love you.

    Rodrik waits with Asher for the scouts that he have sent to report back. There was a fire in Asher's eyes and it burned more than he has eve

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    They ride back to Ironrath was a somber one despite their victory. Passing through the forest roads, Asher kept thinking about Beshka. He know that if she was here right now, would call him a hypocrite and an idiot. He wouldn't have mind her saying that, because he wanted her to be here. Even since he got exiled and even since he met Beshka, she has been his only family for all these years. A bond can grow really strong if it is forged through hardship, battles and rescue. Beshka have rescued him many times and now he can never repay her or he can never say to her how much he loved her as a sister.

    "Asher." Rodrik said as he rode beside him. "I can't believe she is gone. I keep expecting to see her beside me." Asher voiced. "Brother, I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry that I never got to know her. Just know, that I am thankful for her sacrifice and I will make sure that our house know her sacrifice." He assured.

    "It doesn't matter, Rodrik. She is still gone and she won't know it." Asher replied. A part of his anger has calmed down, now he know that it might have been a mistake to kill Gryff. He wanted to apologize, but he can't get the words out. Whenever he look at Rodrik, he can only see father. When Rodrik shouted and argued with him back at the farm, he only saw father. Ever since their childhood, Asher watched as father took Rodrik aside to teach him something, leaving him alone with Mira.

    "Are you still angry at him?" Rodrik asked. He knew who he was talking about. "You know that father and I never got along. And now, you look just like him." Asher said. "I wonder how father would look at us now." Rodrik have a sad smile. "That doesn't mean that I don't care. He was our father and I still mourn him along with Ethan." Asher assured him.

    "Gregor would have wanted his sons to work together. No matter what, you two are brothers and family. And you are both the hopes of our House." Royland told them.
    "Aye. Prepare yourselves. The Whitehills will be coming for us now. And they won't hold back." Rodrik stated firmly. "Aye. No matter what, brother. I will fight for our family." Asher promised.

    Ironrath was as tall and strong as he left it years ago. But no longer was it graced by the warmth of summer, now it was facing the cold of the approaching winter. Asher noticed some frost hugging its walls. Asher turned to Rodrik and gave him a little grin. "I race you to Ironrath." He challenged. Rodrik showed a grin. "Then you have to hurry, brother." He said as he rode passed him. Asher was quick to follow him.

    The gate opened for the two eldest sons of Gregor Forrester. Entering the courtyard, the two brothers are greeted by the gathered smallsfolks, soldiers and Talia and Mother approaching. The Maester, Ortengyn was there too. Asher quickly got off his horse and his mother hurriedly approach to give him a hug. "Asher...My boy." She said softly and warmly.

    Asher saw that Talia was hugging Rodrik and Elaena greeted him with warm words. They have all changed. I wish I could see how Ethan have grown. Asher thought sadly. The pitfighters went and gathered by the side to observe. The guards and smallsfolks smiled at the return of both their lord and their lost son. For them, hope was enlighted again.
    Although mother smiled and seems happy, Asher noted that there was a strong weariness in her eyes and she seems a look older than the last time he saw her years ago. Asher felt a sting of guilt of not coming home sooner. If they just got Daenerys' help or sought other sellswords, maybe he wouldn't have wasted so much time finding the fighters they needed. Then his thoughts went to Beshka, but he forced the grief away.

    Rodrik got everyone's attention. "Asher has return but now is not the time to celebrate. The Whitehills are coming. We need to prepare for their arrival." He shouted. Asher noted that some of the smallsfolk seems afraid. He walk beside Rodrik.
    "There is hope yet! I've brought help. Warrior from across the Narrow Sea with no equals in Westeros!" Asher proclaimed. That seems to brought a few smile among the pit fighters. "They are hardly an army." Mother said worriedly. Ser Royland approach. "My lady, I've seen them fight. They are a force to be reckoned with. They'll be more than equal to whatever Ludd can muster." He assured her.

    "And I will lead them in battle!" Asher said, but then he turned to Rodrik.* I am not the lord...My brother is.* He thought. Taking a deep breath, Asher was about to open his mouth, when Rodrik put a hand on Asher's shoulder. "And Asher and I will lead the battle to come." He said. Unsheathing their father's sword, he gave them all a look.
    "The Whitehills are coming. We all know they will. With Asher and his fighters with us, with Royland and his trained fighters with us. As your lord, this is my duty. We won't fall today. Ironrath will stand! House Forrester will stand!"

    With that, Lord Forrester lifted his sword for all to see as the Forresters cheered but none of the pit fighters did. But Asher didn't care. He joined his brother and lifted his own sword as well.

    Ironrath is preparing for the siege to come. Rodrik has to guess that since Ludd know all their weaknesses, he won't hesitate to attack Ironrath directly. Now that Gryff was dead, the man is hungry for revenge. Among his worries, there was Ryon. He have to hope that he is safe.

    Sitting alone in the Great Hall, Rodrik look at the shattered family portrait. Father...I did the best I could to lead and protect this house. No matter what happens, I hope you are proud. He thought. He heard someone enter the Hall. It was Asher, now changed out of his mercenary attire and to leather armor. "Brother, we are preparing the keep as best as we can. We have fortified the gate as you ordered and put what able men we can on the castle wall."

    "And your fighters?" Rodrik asked. "They are ready and able, no worries." He assured him. The lord sighed. "Good. We need all forces to fight together." He start approaching the fireplace. The fire was dim. Asher stood with him. "Look...Brother. I am sorry...I shouldn't have done it." He mutter. Rodrik closed his eyes. "What's done is done, all you can do is to move forward. No matter what." He said.

    "I know what father would say. Asher! Why? Why must you always fight me?" He repeated their father's words. "Whenever I look at you, I can only see father." His brother said. Rodrik turned to him. "Well that is funny. Whenever I look at you, I see father too." He said. That statement took his brother by surprise. "What?"

    "You have father's charm and charisma. You know how to inspire people, Asher. Where I was trained to lead, you were born to lead as natural as it is breathing." Rodrik gave him a smile. "You know how to inspire loyalty better than I can, brother." He said sadly. "You know how to inspire loyalty better than I can, brother." He said sadly.

    "Brother, don't be so hard on yourself. Your will is unbreakable. Look at how you became lord. Royland told me you came home in a corpse cart. Whitehill men laughing and mocking you. Gryff causing troubles and humiliating you. Yet, you managed to keep our house together despite everything hitting you. By will and spirit alone."

    "I know how to fight, but brother, you are the strong one." Asher assured him. That brought a smile on his face. Rodrik went and gave his brother a hug and Asher returned it. Like every fights they had in their childhood, they will always end it with a hug. Rodrik gave his brother a look. "Thank you, brother." He nodded and Asher smiled. Then Rodrik turn serious. "Asher, if something happens to me. You must become lord and save our family." He told him. He could see that Asher was about to protest, but he knew that he was serious. Asher gave him a nod. "Yes. I understand." He affirmed. Rodrik gave him a pat and saw that Royland and Talia enters the Great Hall followed by several smallfolks.
    "My lord. The Whitehills are here." He said urgently. Both brothers looked at each other and nodded. Talia approached and gave them both a hug. "Please...Please come back." She pleaded.

    Rodrik and Asher gave their little sister a hug and steel themselves for the coming battle.

  • This is awesome so far, Dave. Keep up the good work!

    They ride back to Ironrath was a somber one despite their victory. Passing through the forest roads, Asher kept thinking about Beshka. He kn

  • Hey, Dave, you wrote a fanfiction! :D

    I just read through everything and wow, I'm impressed! I love the idea of Asher and Rodrik surviving together for The Ice Dragon, and Beskha having to sacrifice herself for them, which I didn't see coming. I like how it's having butterfly effects on the ensuing events too, like with Gryff dying early on. In particular, the entire dialogue and dynamic between the Forrester brother's has been really strong. It's just a cool alternate universe you've done.

    My only criticism would be there's a few (very, very minor) spelling and grammatical things that could be easily ironed out with edits, and it'd be nice if some of the character's thoughts were put into italics just to make them more clear, and look nicer. It's how George R.R Martin does them in the Asoiaf books, and I think it's really effective.

    Anyway, honestly, great job so far! I'll definitely be following it from here on out.

  • This battle will be fucking chaos! I can't imagine Ludd will hold back now.

    They ride back to Ironrath was a somber one despite their victory. Passing through the forest roads, Asher kept thinking about Beshka. He kn

  • There was a lot of commotion in the courtyard. Soldiers are running around with weapons and tools toward the castle wall. A few pit fighters are standing together and talking nervously. Asher followed his brother and Ser Royland toward the castle wall. As they got closer on top of the wall, he can hear the shouts and battle cries of hundreds of people.
    Then he saw the huge army outside their gate. Many Whitehill Banners are standing tall among the Whitehill soldiers. Asher felt his heart beating. It was slightly frightened to know that these hundreds of men are eager to kill. Rodrik looked and showed no fear or doubts. "Mira has made sure that the army is not larger. But still, our chances are grim." Ser Royland said. "We have to win, no matter what." Mother said.

    Asher put a hand on his mother. "Mother, you shouldn't be here. Stay with Talia and Elaena." He urged. "And have Ludd think I am afraid?" She said sharply. Ludd Whitehill strove forward with the large man at his side. Harys. Asher noted that the big man has a white bandage around his face and Asher was sure that he could see blood.
    "Rodrik Forrester! By order of Houses Whitehill, Bolton and Baratheon, I order you to surrender your keep and present yourself for execution!" The man bellowed. "Go fuck yourself, Ludd!" Rodrik answered defiantly. "Don't blame me for this, Rodrik! Ramsay Snow said only one of our houses can survive. It will not be yours!"

    "Hey Ludd! How is your son? Is his belly feeling alright!?" Asher taunted mockingly. Lord Whitehill was red with anger. Then he made hateful grin. "Funny are you, Forrester? You will rue the day you killed my son..." The man sneered. "Ryon! Bring the gift!" The man commanded. Ryon approach from the crowd, holding a spear.

    "What is he doing?" Ser Royland wondered. "Ryon." Mother worried. Little brother was crying as he stabbed the end of the spear to the dirt. He is injured, it was clear that the Whitehills hasn't been kind to him.

    "Rodrik! Remember. A son for a son." Ludd said and then he waved a hand. Harys pulled out a knife.

    Time seemed to stand still. Asher have to do his utmost to keep himself from jumping off the wall. By the time, Asher managed to get some semblance of senses back, Harys was holding Ryon's decapitated head. The man mocking placed his little brother's bloody head on the spike. He could hear his mother's piercing and grieving cry. His brother and Ser Royland shouting and cursing Ludd along with several other bannermen.

    "You fucking animal!" Asher roared.

    "Animal? Then ask yourself what you did to MY son, you fucking monster!" The Whitehill Lord gave a loud command. "Take the gate!"

    The Siege of Ironrath begins.

    The Whitehills archers released their arrows at them. Those with the siege equipment start pushing the battling ram forward to start hammering their gate. Rodrik saw Asher pulling mother away to safety. They evade the arrows. "Return fire! Return fire!" Rodrik commanded. Their men start unloading their bolts at the enemy. "We need to get off this bloody wall." He ordered.

    "That animal! He has taken away everything from us!" His mother cried. "Someone, take my mother inside the keep." Rodrik ordered and a soldier escorted her back inside. Elissa didn't have much protest, now that the death of her youngest was fresh in her mind. "I want to murder him, Rodrik. He is going to pay for what he did to Ryon." The fury in Asher's voice was barely contained.

    "I know, but we need to make a plan in order to achieve that." Royland urged and Rodrik agreed with him. He wanted to grieve and mourn for his little brother, but now was not the time. Especially not now. Hardening his heart, Rodrik ironed himself with duty. They regroup near the stables in order to have some safety, all the while, men of the House fought against their enemy. Amaya approached Asher. "Asher, what is happening out there?" She asked. Asher shakes his head. "Nothing good."

    "This is all Duncan's fault. I have been in many sieges, but because of him, the Whitehills know our numbers, our defenses and the strength of our gate. And now nothing is stopping him from slaughtering us." Royland said grimly.

    "We need to get to Ludd. Without him, his army will be nothing and they will be routed." Asher suggested. "But how? They'll slaughter us the moment we open our gate." Royland voiced. "Then we don't go out of the gate." Rodrik said firmly as he stabbed a map at the nearby wood.
    "A small enough party could sneak out of the postern gate." He pointed at the postern gate on the map. "If we cut through the forest and along this hunting trail." He continued. "We'll end up here. Behind Ludd's army." Rodrik finished.

    "Sounds like a plan, brother. We sneak out, enters their camp and chop off Ludd's head." Asher agreed. "And I will take my fighters to do the job."
    "Asher, I am all up for being decisive. But if you die out there, it is all over. The Forrester name will be at risk. Your brother will be executed. Talia and Mira might live, but your mother might not." Royland voiced.

    "This plan will work. Royland, you are a warrior. There comes a moment where you just have to trust your gut." Asher said firmly. "And I believe in my brother." Rodrik affirmed as he placed a hand. Royland made a smile. "You are a soldier, I couldn't be prouder." He said proudly. "Keep your head out there, Asher. Return home once you accomplish your task." He urged. His brother agreed.

    Both brothers gave one another a look. They grabbed their hands and hugged each other. Without another word, Asher left with his fighters, while Rodrik start shouting out commands to repel the Whitehills.

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    Well, that escalated quickly lol.

    Then again, I did see it coming.

    There was a lot of commotion in the courtyard. Soldiers are running around with weapons and tools toward the castle wall. A few pit fighters

  • So much sorrow! I'm glad it's Asher taking on Ludd. Given their history and hate for eachother it makes the most sense.

    There was a lot of commotion in the courtyard. Soldiers are running around with weapons and tools toward the castle wall. A few pit fighters

  • The Whitehill Camp was built and settled in the forest. Asher approached quietly with his pit fighters. Amaya walk closely with him.

    Sneaking further inside, Asher remembered the time he infiltrated Meereen with Beshka and Croft. He wished that Beshka was here to help him. Stopping for a moment to observe. There are so many guards in the camp. Some patrolling, some sharping their swords and others eating. "Too many fucking guards...We need to find a way to distract them." Asher noted quietly.

    "What do you want us to do?" Amaya asked. "Opens some veins, Amaya. Any with Whitehill color is a fair game." Asher said. With a grin on her face, she nodded. "It will be as you say." She said and took the fighters with her.

    Taking a deep breath, Asher sneaked further inside the camp. He approached the largest tent in the camp that must be Ludd's. He then saw Amaya leaped out and killed one of them. "The enemy is attacking! Hurry!" One of them said. He saw a person leaving Ludd's tent, but it wasn't Ludd. Strange.
    When an opening happened, Asher draw his sword and enters the tent. There was a large table inside. Lots of weapons, armors and more furniture.
    Inside he finds Ludd ready with his greatsword and four guards. He gave Asher a look. "I have been waiting for you, Forrester." The Whitehill sneered. "Ludd." Asher spat. "I can't wait to repay you for what you did to my son. Capture him, I'll execute him myself." He ordered his guards.

    And so a skirmish happened inside the tent. Asher jumped on the table and killed his first guard. He began clashing steel against them. A guard managed to stab his arm, but Asher cut his throat. By the time, all four of them are dead, Asher was injured and Ludd unharmed. With a battle cry, the man charged at him. Asher starts fighting him. They both clash steels and traded insults and curses. The man blamed Asher for everything that has happened. His affair with Gwyn started this war. But Asher countered that he was the one who jumped to the sword back then. Then Ludd managed to stab his shoulder with a dagger, before Asher managed to headbutt him and drive a sword through his chest.

    The man falls to his knee. He starts coughing blood. "It won't do you any good, Forrester...My soldiers are already tearing down your gate. And my son...Torrhen. He is the new lord." He uttered. "What?" Asher questioned.

    "I have already send a messenger. Informing him...To start building a new army. He will come and crush your entire family." Ludd taunted with what breath he has.
    Asher spat at him. He looked and saw Beshka's dual swords nearby. Gryff must have taken them after Beshka fell. He went to claim then. "When he comes...We will fight him...Be thankful, you won't live to see me cut his head off." With that said, Asher drives both of Beshka's swords into Ludd and killed him just like how Beshka did with her former master.
    The lord said nothing more than a grunt as he fall behind and died. And thus Ludd Whitehill dies in his own tent.

    Leaving Ludd's tent and feeling his injuries slowing him, he find the camp in chaos. He saw Amaya and the pit fighters fighting against the Whitehill soldiers. Ignoring his injuries, Asher charged forward and slained the first Whitehill he sees.

    "Westerosi! You live!" Amaya called. "I am. Ludd is dead." Asher answered. That seems to brought some satisfaction to the woman. "He is dead? Good."
    "We need to get back to Ironrath and help Rodrik." He said. Then he saw the large number of guards approaching. A realization dawn to Asher. If they leave now, these men are going to follow them back to Ironrath. And they will hit them from two fronts and the postern gate is their only other escape route should something happen.
    "Amaya. Lead them back to Ironrath." Asher said. "What? Why?" She asked. "I need to stall them. Take everyone and go to Ironrath. Now!" He commanded. Without another word, Amaya obeyed and lead the through the forest.

    Standing alone, Asher look at the charging Whitehills. Closing his eyes, he whispered a silent apology to his family. Asher Forrester held his sworn sister's sword firmly as he charged forward to face death.

    "Iron from Ice!"

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    Do you know what this means? Beskha's death was all in vain!

    The Whitehill Camp was built and settled in the forest. Asher approached quietly with his pit fighters. Amaya walk closely with him. Snea


    The Whitehill Camp was built and settled in the forest. Asher approached quietly with his pit fighters. Amaya walk closely with him. Snea

  • Countless hours, Rodrik has been fighting and leading the men as best as he can. The Whitehills starts climbing the walls as their archers continues to shoot them and prevent them from stopping them. He changed tactic by letting the exhausted and unprepared Whitehills to reach over the wall, only for them to meet swords. This tactic worked, for every men their lost, three more showed up to take their place. Eventually, he was forced to turn his attention back to the gate when the Whitehills managed to create a breach. Leaving what men he could spare on the castle wall, Rodrik and Royland began fighting the men who enters through the breach.

    Again, they managed to kill several of them. But eventually fatigue, crossbow bolts and increasing number of men entering, forced Rodrik and Royland to give more grounds and let them enter. Royland advised him to let the Whitehills enters unfamiliar grounds in order to give their inexperienced soldiers an advantage by using the familiar environment against their enemy. This tactic worked, but now they were separated from the gate and Rodrik has no idea how the men are holding it.

    Using his father's greatsword, he slay another Whitehill. "Fight on! Fight on!" He shouted as the Lord of House Forrester kept fighting with his people. He then heard battle cries coming from the postern gate. He turned and saw the sellswords charging and killing the first Whitehill they see. Where was his brother? "Asher? Where is he!?" Rodrik shouted. Amaya gave him a look. "He stayed behind." She said only. Rodrik felt a sting, but he can't worry about this now. Not now.

    "Rodrik! Have you seen mother?" Talia suddenly got out and asked. "Talia, why aren't you-..." He worried. "Tell me, have you seen mother? No one know where is she." She was frantic. A scream happened and another has died. "Get back inside now!" He told her. Understanding, Talia quickly went back inside again. War and battles are always chaotic, Rodrik can only handle as much. He can worry about mother later, right now, he needs to fend them off.

    "My lord! We need reinforcement at the gate!" Royland told him. "With me now! With me!" Rodrik charged ahead and his fighters followed him. The tide seems to go to their favor. His fighters fought and worked together as best as they could. They pressed and pushed the Whitehills back. They just have to reach the gate.

    As Rodrik killed another soldier, a sudden hollowing challenge was heard. A man with horn helmet riding a horse called for him. "Rodrik Forrester! Last of his Kind!" Harys taunted and attempted to kill him. Dodging his attack, Rodrik grabbed the nearest spear and pushed him off his horse. He attempted to hit his helmet off, but it stayed. The Tall man gave him a look. He took off his helmet. He was wearing a white and blood soaked baddage at his right eye. He then teared it off, revealing a long and ugly scar across his face. The wound was still fresh and bleeding. "I was hoping to fight and kill your brother for what his friend did...But no matter, you will serve." Harys taunted.

    He fought the man on equal ground. Both of their greatswords clashed and rang blows across the yard. But the man haven't fought as long as Rodrik did and started to gain the upper hand. Two fighters tried to intervene but they were quickly killed. However the distraction briefly gave Rodrik a chance to cut off his head. However the man reacted quickly and dodged, but Rodrik managed to give him another ugly scar in his face. Angered, the man smacked him across his face. Disoriented and the world spinning, Rodrik felt the man grabbing him by the neck and tries to burn his face near a fire.

    As Rodrik fought to keep himself from the fire, he heard Harys shouting in pain. "Get off my son!" His mother screamed. The man let go and Rodrik fell to the ground. Mother..? He thought. Forrester bitch!" The man cursed and drive the greatsword through his mother. NO! MOTHER!" Rodrik cried when he saw his mother fell. Furious beyond reason, he grabbed the nearest hand axe and tried to attack the man.

    As quick as he did so, he felt a burning pain as he felt the man's sword entering his lower chest. Harys began laughing in sadist glee and triumph. The memories of everything. The pain, the tragedy. The deaths. His family. Elaena. All flashed before him. But they gave him strength. He can't die today. This pain was nothing compared to the suffering he has experienced. His iron will won't break today.

    The hand axe hacked into the man's neck. In shock and surprise that Rodrik wasn't dead, Harys furiously drove the sword further into him. Rodrik felt it, but he didn't care. Hacking the man again, finally his kneel and Rodrik cried out.

    Facing the man, he grabbed him by the neck, the Lord of Ironrath stared him in the eyes. The man was terrified. Something he never thought he would see in him. But Rodrik showed him no mercy. Shove it into his mouth, piercing his tongue and breaking several of his teeth. If he could cry, the man might have done it. The sword continued and pierced through the other side of his neck. Harys died. Defeated by a man he considered a cripple.

    Grabbing his sword that was still stuck in him, Rodrik began pulling it out and it hurts like Seven Hells, He then began crawling toward his mother. He took her hand. "Mother?" He said softly. Elissa Forrester gave her a soft look. "Oh my son..." She whispered and then dies with a smile. She came out here to die. Rodrik mourn and grieve as he heard and saw the Whitehill battling ramp finally broke through their gate. He watched as the remaining Whitehills charged in to kill his bannerman. He knew that they have lost, but he won't fall without taking a few with him.

    He managed to kill one man, before his injuries and exhaustion kept him down. One soldier almost managed to kill him, but he was saved by one of his soldier. The soldier took him further into the yard, but was then shot dead. Rodrik looked and saw that the Whitehills have claimed their castle wall and start shooting their arrows at them. Rodrik tried to evade but got hit by one. More and more of his people died. "Royland? Amaya?" He called for them, but no one answered.

    He saw three Whitehills approaching. One aimed at him with his crossbow. Another is preparing to strike him down. Rodrik gave them a defiant look. "The North Remembers!" He shouted. The North will remember the Forresters and the atrocity of the Whitehills. Closing his eyes the last Forrester ready himself for death.

    He then felt someone pushing him to the side and crashing into nearby woods. Rodrik opened his eyes again and it was Royland. "My lord, we have to get you out of here." His Sentinel said. Rodrik saw two riders. But his attention caught elsewhere when he heard Elaena's voice. She was getting dragged away by a Whitehill. She called out for him. Desparate and helpless, he tried to reach out of her. "It is too late, my lord. You can't save her." His Sentinel pleaded. "No." He could only say. Royland put his lord on the back of the horse.

    "You must survive, Rodrik. For the House. For all of us." He begged as he looked his lord in the eye. More Whitehill approach. "Go! Now!" His Sentinel ordered as he fought the Whitehills to give them time to escape. Rodrik saw Royland killing a Whitehill before they start surrounding him. The Whitehills attempts to stop them. They succeed in killing one of his rider and managed to hit the last one with an arrow. But the rider held on, determined to bring his lord to safety.

    Ironrath burns and the block smokes raised high in the coming night. All that Rodrik can do now is to close his eyes and let the gods decide his fate.

    ((Next: Epilogue))

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    Countless hours, Rodrik has been fighting and leading the men as best as he can. The Whitehills starts climbing the walls as their archers c

  • Shove it into his mouth, piercing his tongue and breaking several of his teeth


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Can't wait for the epilogue!

    There are 2 possibilities: either Asher will be revealed to be alive, or Royland appears, like in the main game if you kill the traitor.

    Countless hours, Rodrik has been fighting and leading the men as best as he can. The Whitehills starts climbing the walls as their archers c

  • Elsewhere. Emerging from the dark woods, a bloodied warrior was struggling. Each steps felt like another weigh that was placed on his shoulders. Asher has been running ever since he started a fire that distracted his enemies. But he was badly wounded. During his attempt to escape, he got stabbed a few times and got a few arrows stuck on his body. He dropped his armors to run away with what strengths he have left, he was forced to abandon Beshka's swords.

    Now with what strengths he had, he tried to reach Ironrath. But eventually, he couldn't walk anymore and crumble down the road due to blood lost and exhaustion.

    "Asher..." A female voice said. Asher opened his eyes. Gwyn. And Duncan was there too. "We should get him out of here." The man said. Gwyn helped Asher up. "We have to stop this...We'll find a way." She promised.

    Asher didn't say anything. All he focused on was to stay alive. He will live and fight another day.

    The night was cold yet comforting. No war, no cries, no misery. Only quiet and calm. The only sounds are the steps the horse made. Rodrik felt his world falling and him hitting the ground. Life woke him up again. He wasn't dead. Not yet. Struggling to get him. All he thought about was to get up and keep moving. But his body won't let him. He crumble to the ground again. He can't stay awake. He allowed himself to close his eyes again. He needed his rest.

    Not long later, he was awaken by a voice. "Rodrik..?" A girl's voice. Rodrik saw the face of his sister, his Sentinel Royland and his maester Ortengyn. "Careful...He is barely injured." The maester said. The Sentinel agreed. "We don't have much time." With that, he took his lord and start bringing him to safety.

    With what consciences he had, Rodrik keep telling himself to live. Not for himself, but for them. For Talia.

    He have all the reasons in the world to be alive.

    ((To be continued in Season 2 ))

  • Are you gonna make a part about Season 2 or is this the end?

    Elsewhere. Emerging from the dark woods, a bloodied warrior was struggling. Each steps felt like another weigh that was placed on his should

  • The end. Once Season 2 arrives, I might continue a sequel. :p

    Are you gonna make a part about Season 2 or is this the end?

  • Okay. :p

    Anyway, this was a really good fanfiction.

    The end. Once Season 2 arrives, I might continue a sequel.

  • That was awesome! I like that both Asher and Rodrik are badly injured. Another thing I really like is that it seems that Asher's group is seeking peace whereas Rodrik's is fighting the war. At least, that's how I interpret it.

    Elsewhere. Emerging from the dark woods, a bloodied warrior was struggling. Each steps felt like another weigh that was placed on his should

  • When season 2 comes I expect the continuation of this DaveTheArakin ;)!

    AgentZ46 posted: »

    That was awesome! I like that both Asher and Rodrik are badly injured. Another thing I really like is that it seems that Asher's group is seeking peace whereas Rodrik's is fighting the war. At least, that's how I interpret it.

  • I forgot I wrote this.

    We shall see if I make a continuation. I mostly wrote this just to starve off my hunger for Season 2.

    Tunak23 posted: »

    When season 2 comes I expect the continuation of this DaveTheArakin !

  • You did a good job buddy

    I forgot I wrote this. We shall see if I make a continuation. I mostly wrote this just to starve off my hunger for Season 2.

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