Note to Telltale: Bogey Man walkthrough

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Can you please put up a walkthrough for The Bogey Man? I'm stuck hard on it.


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    I'm sure you will get help in the hints forum.
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    and also, where's the walkthrough for Muzzled?
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    They're still working on them.
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    If you've solved the games... why not write the walkthrough yourself?

    Or if you're stuck on one particular puzzle, then check the Hints forum to see if someone else has posted the answer, or start a thread asking for help. That's what it's for, after all.
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    I found a bare bones walkthrough that contains enough information that may help those who are really stuck.

    *I didn't see anything in the forum FAQs about posting links to other sites so I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes. But, if I did wrong, I'm sorry and TTG can take away my birthday ;)
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    I know walkthroughs are being made for Muzzled AND Bogey Man as we speak. Your wait is almost over, I promise!
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