Bogey Man very slow

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For some reason while the other three installments play fine, the Bogey Man is working very slowly (mouse lag, and delayed graphics, especially in the front yard area). I tried turning off my Virus software, and anything else I could think of and it is still working very slowly.

Help? (I am NOT very computer savvy, so it is quite possible that there is a very simple and stupid explanation)


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    Upgrade your video card to the latest drivers. or, depending on who makes your card. May help you.
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    It is not unknown for the minimum system requirements to change between episodes so if you have an older computer you may want to check that. Also, check the processes running in the background. Maybe there's something there that you don't need that's slowing your computer down.
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    Have you tried adjusting the quality settings? I think the default is 1 (at least it was for the previous three episodes) but maybe something went wrong. On the menu, click options > graphics settings. Hope this helps.
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