New response from Job Stauffer regarding TWAU Season 2!!!!

TWAU S2 Question To Job

See link for question I asked and his new response... does it sound a little less enthusiastic to you? :( It does to me.

What do you think?



  • Is this necessary. Did you actually think that Wolf was coming out this year?

  • Probably was thinking more of a announcement

    Is this necessary. Did you actually think that Wolf was coming out this year?

  • Yup, it does sound alot less enthusiastic. Its back to the same old same old, "dont give up hope! Haha! Cuz its never gonna happen!"

    Its pretty annoying Job went from hinting Wolf Season 2 in the last AMA to now basically saying "Yeah I lied dont expect it"

    I was a fool and bothered to waste my one question asking about Wolf S2 aswell, Im sure itll just be another generic "can not say yes or no" answer just like what we'v all been getting for 3 years now.

  • Just a fancy pants way to say SOON imo

  • The way I see it, he meant what he meant. It's possible, but they're not in a rush, wich sucks, because that last scene had me very curious. It's cruel to make us wait like that.
    They're probably working a lot on the minecraft game (wich I did not like at all by the way). We should do something. Hashtags on twitter, fill them with questions... to call their attention. Otherwise, I think they just might drop it for good, and you gotta admit, TWAU is one of the best.

  • Well at least it's not off the table...

  • Does it really matter if there is no S2? Because it would only of ended up sucking like all their games do now.

  • I wouldn't expect anything at PAX or any event this year assuming there is a S2. Most likely will be 1-2 years from now. If they do make a sequel it will most likely be at a more relaxed schedule for telltale so they don't overload similar to what happened during TWAU.

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