The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - "Thicker Than Water" - AMA

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Hello, TWD fans!

Today from 3-4pm PT (that's 6-7pm ET), we will be hosting an AMA right here on the forums!

Joining us will be:

  • Alyssa_TTG - Creative Director
  • C Schroyer - Lead Designer, "Thicker than Water"
  • AdamWritesVideoGames - Season Writer & Lead Writer, "From the Gallows"

Start leaving your Q's down below for some A's later today!

...And if you need to re-familiarize yourself with our forum guidelines, you can do so here.

EDIT: Okay, Chris, Alyssa, and Adam have to go back to making games! They might pop in here later to answer more questions, but I can't make any promises since they are very busy folk. Thanks everyone for your time! This was fun and we should do it again :)



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    I enjoyed Episode 4 btw. Probably the best one so far this season!

    Here's my question: Are you guys aware of the amount of hate Gabe is getting? Personally, I think it's because of the "forced shipping", as fans claim, between him and Clem and him telling Tripp and Eleanor that you killed Conrad. What do you think?

  • Who wrote the Kenny flashback? That was a 10/10 flashback.

  • Hey, guys! Loved Thicker than Water! Definitely the best so far...

    My question revolves around Clint. He seems like a very diplomatic character, and that's hard to come by in The Walking Dead. What was his career prior to societal collapse?

    Thank you for your time. :)

  • Will we get to see Javier unleash his "Lucille" on another survivor again? pls let us drop that bat hard on Eleanor's head.

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    Loved Thicker than Water btw! One question though: Why didn't Max get any attention during this episode if you spared him in Episode 3? I feel like there was some missed potential there with him honestly.

  • Ooh, this looks fun. Alright, I think I've got one:

    How did you come up with the choice between Ava and Tripp? It seemed to be a twist on the Carley and Doug situation way back when, and made things look so bleak and intense when the person I wanted to save was killed, but why did you guys choose to go this route?

  • Why was Max left out in this episode?

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    Oh boy, I'm so excited. Ep4 is my favorite episode this season so far. I hope Ep5 is good too.

    Here are some questions, I might have more later though.

    1. Clem's period scene. I was honestly a little surprised you guys actually went there considering it's kinda weird and awkward for some people to talk about, especially if it's with someone you have a parental relationship with. What made you guys come to the conclusion of actually addressing Clem's menstrual cycle?(lmao I never thought I'd say this stuff about Clem in a serious matter)

    2. How come there's no Wellington flashback like there is for Kenny and Jane?

    3. What made you guys do the switcheroo for the Tripp and Ava choice?

    4. You guys think there might be a chance of DLC for Season3/A New Frontier? Or you'll just skip DLC and go straight to Season 4?

    Also, whoever wrote the Kenny flashback, let me shake that man's hand please.

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    Ep 4 was such a good episode I really appreciate you guys listening to fans feedback :)
    But I have to ask this....will ep 5 make ma cry like a baby :(
    EDIT: I really liked what you guys did with Conrad I was impressed

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    Hey guys! I absolutely loved Thicker Than Water. Best of the Season so far.

    1. What's your favorite episode of the Season?
    2. How long do you think From The Gallows will be?
    3. Any hope for a Season 4?
    • Which character you had most fun writing for Episode 5?

    • Is there a chance that we will see what happenned with that "asshole family" from Jane's flashback or Jane in E5 in general?

    • Do you feel nervous about the way fans will feel about Episode 5, considering it's Adam's first episode as a Lead writer and it's a final episode of the most popular TTG series?

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    I really like the way you guys have been handling Conrad so far, do you guys have plans that you believe are interesting for him in the fifth episode?

    Also, for those who have not already answered this question, what's your opinion on Ace Attorney?

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    Any possibilities that this Ranch that AJ's located in is the legendary slaughterhouse?

    How difficult was it writing the period scene lol?

    What was the moment when y'all finally went "yeah we need to fix kenny and Jane"

    Side note, the episode was super great by the way. My favorite by far and possibly better than any season 2 episode. Thank you for making Clem act like herself and for those special moments to talk with the characters. Helped a lot with character development and I hope there is more of that in episode 5.

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    Alright, I enjoyed Episode 4 a lot more than Ep1-3 (which were awful). Clementine felt like Clementine, every Clem scene was well written (including the new flashbacks which luckily have improved models), the choices were actually difficult for once, choices mattered more than usual, gave us hubs (but unfortunately not many conversations)... you did a lot of good this episode - but I still want to play as Clementine (Hell, I'm fine with a 50/50 split if you guys really want Javier to be playable!).

    • Why are the episodes STILL short?
    • Will Clem ever actually be playable?
    • Will we get a Clem DLC after Episode 5 or a Clem focused S4 anytime soon?

    The Kenny flashback was well written (I almost teared up). Good work on that.

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    I just have two questions.

    • Is there a chance we will ever see the characters from 400 Days again? I would love to see the likes of Eddie, Russell and Nate again. If we'll never see them again, it's a waste of good character design.

    • Why does Clementine never mention Christa to anyone in Season 3? Clem traveled with her for a very long time. Kind of weird that he talks about Lee, Kenny, Jane etc etc but never mentions a word about Christa.

  • Are there any plans for DLC after the season concludes? (ANF prequel and how they came to be a group) (Lilly) (David during the early days after he leaves with his mother) (Clementine after the season concludes)

    How hard is it to live up to live up the expectations the fans have of you guys? the first season is widely considered a masterpiece (several flaws overlooked). Do you guys feel the pressure to sort of "one-up" previous seasons?

    Also, there were more "hubs" and there was sort of a mini puzzle with the prison scene in ep4. Going forward, is there going to be more massive hubs akin to the motel in S1E3, the st john farm in S1E2? I really miss the optional conversations that we could have and just wondering if you guys recognize that the fanbase really wants these things back?

  • Christa mini-series when?

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    Great episode, guys!

    • Please tell me Kate isn't dead.
    • Any chances to play as Clementine during episode 5? (not flashbacks)
    • Please, make us cry during episode 5. BUT DON'T KILL CLEMENTINE OR JAVI. haha
  • Is Episode 5 being developed with a Season 4 in mind?

    In the event that we get another addition to TWD after ANF, ideally the transition between this and the next season should be smooth and be a strong continuation of the story of ANF as well as the rest of the series.

  • Brilliant Episode, that end twist was certainly a nice switch up from the usual format.

    My main question is really to do with AJ. I can't help but get a Of Mice And Men type vibe from the idea of him being on this supposed "ranch" living a great life, couple that with AJ possibly having some sort of development difficulty (Kenny picking up on the fact that he is mute) kind of like how Lennie Smalls has his obvious disabilities, now I could be completely off but is there more to AJ's supposed location than meets the eye?

    Again thanks for a great episode and I look forward to the finale!

  • How hard was it for you guys to choose between Ava/Tripp in Ep4s last part?
    In all seriousness, you guys pulled a crazy one lol

  • Great episode, Telltale! I applaud you!
    Anyway, I have a few questions:

    -Were you expecting Gabe to have such a strong, negative response in the community/fanbase?

    -Will Episode 5 pull our heartstrings?

    -Is there a possibility "Jesus" will come back and help Javi next episode?

    That's all!

  • Loved Episode 4. Loved the period piece...ahh memories, any way...I have a couple of questions. Are you guys thinking about a season 4? And if so...have you guys considered letting us explore in detail places like Prescott and Richmond. The one major flaw I can level is that your art team works like hell to make these amazing places...yet we the players never get to explore. I would love for you guys to put exploration and a central hub into the game like how the motel was in S1...Also CLEMENTINE!!! Need more play time with her.

    p.s. Extra points...give us TWAU S2.

  • Do you guys plan on putting the level of effort you put into Conrad into future determinant characters? He is by far the best aspect of this season to me and you guys handled him excellently.

    Also will Joan have more depth put into her in episode 5 than just "I'm mad with power"

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    Well done guys on Ep 4 i really enjoyed it
    ok so i have two questions.

    1 .why isn't there a Wellington flashback in Ep4?
    2. will there be a Wellington flashback in Ep5?

    that's me done so enjoy the rest of you're day.


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    Hey, guys! I really liked Episode 4. The twists in this one were really good and I loved the ending!

    1. Will there be a DLC for ANF, something like 400 Days? I'd be interested in it and I'm sure a lot of other people would be as well.
    2. Will you ever reveal Christa's fate? Hints are always welcome. ^^

    I think that's all. I can't think of any other questions. Once again, good job with Episode 4. I liked it way more than the others.

  • Does an absence of Wellington flashback in Ep4 mean that this particular ending didn't matter in terms of general story?

    Are we gonna know what happened to Kate or it's gonna stay a mystery?

  • What is Clem's Last name?

    What is Clem's biological father's name, first and last?

    What is Ed's last name?

    You all did a great job on Episode 4, keep up the good work.

  • What is Clems last name and who is her real father?!?!

  • If we do get a S4, go back to Clem or give us a 50/50 split.

    Davissons posted: »

    Is Episode 5 being developed with a Season 4 in mind? In the event that we get another addition to TWD after ANF, ideally the transition

  • Thanks for having this AMA! It's nice getting the chance to talk to the developers of the episodes.

    Did you guys hide any easter eggs players might not know about?


    Please could you answer the questions below:

    1) Will we find out more about Eleanor and her betrayal?

    2) Could we see Wellington in episode 5, through flashback?

    3) Will Kate's face be melted?

    4) Will episode 5 have more action?

    5) Will we be getting any new characters in episode 5?

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    I made sure in ep 1 that in the flashback I took Kenny hat my question is will aj be wearing the hat or have it in ep 5 I hope so since the game remember that and I didn't get the flashback I thought I would get in ep 4

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    Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. I really like episode 4 and how it was handled (Those last two choices were great as well) :)

    My questions are:

    1) Seeing as though ep5 is the finale, can we expect some awesome music for the credits?
    2) Will we find out Clem's surname this season?
    3) Will Clem's next flashback be related to any previous seasons?
    4) Are any unexpected characters going to show up?
    5) Was there anything that didn't make it into episode 4 you can tell us about?

    Sorry that's a lot but thank you if you answer any/all. :)

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    Hey Telltale, great episode! I enjoyed seeing fan feedback at play. Eternally thankful for another Kenny flashback. Here are my questions:

    1. Could we see more returning characters in the future? There are characters that we have unfinished business with, such as Christa, Mike, and Arvo.
    2. Will we get more Clementine flashbacks in episode 5?
    3. Lore question but do you think the 400 Days crew escaped Howe's or perished?
    4. Any chance of a Kenny DLC or a side adventure from previous seasons?
  • 1-Too early to answer this but
    Will there be a season 4?
    2- Will this episode feature more clementine flashbacks?
    3-Last question what would you guys describe ep 5 In one word
    Thank you for reading this

  • Can any of you tell me anything regarding 400 Days and the characters?

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    I would like clarification on one thing, if it's possible.

    Why did Javier, who had just before been stabbed by a relatively large knife, have to search for supplies to stitch up his arm when Clem had been rummaging around for an assumedly long time as well as stopping to have a slightly inappropriate conversation about her problems with her menstrual cramps? Even going as so far as finding a box just above where she was at when Javi walked in on her and taking further time to mosey to her with them?

    I'd just like some clarification as to what the direction of the scene was meant to be aimed at. Cause it seems slightly misplaced.

  • What led to Conrad's rather unexpected treatment as a determinant character?

    It seems like you guys have gone out of your way to include him in the story, and that's quite unheard of for any determinant characters prior to this game, so I'm curious as to why you've done this. (Not that I have any complaints. He's one of my favorite parts of the season so far.)

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