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Hey there, old and new TWAU lurkers! I'll cut right to the chase - what movie do you think resembles TWAU's atmosphere and/or story best? Why?


  • I've actually thought about this often.

    Only God Forgives best represents the visual neon noir style.... the music also is euphoric and emotionally touching as well.

    I would love to see Nicolas Winding Refn (he directed OGF) do an adaption of the game, not the comics. Also Refn's movie Drive also perfectly shows what type of relationship I imagine what would look like thematically between Snow and Bigby.

    I genuinely don't want Snow and Bigby to get together.. I like the chemistry they have and the long looks they give each other. I feel like it would be cliche for them to hook up and start a relationship.

    Check those movies out if you haven't seen them.

  • As previously mentioned Drive and Only God Forgives certainly come to mind, though I've only seen Drive. The Neon Demon (also from Refn) has some scenes that have the same sort of style, though I haven't seen that either.

    Not really by a lot but it does have an atmosphere that reminds me a little of Blade Runner and that of course has neon-noir visuals. Watchmen is also something that comes to mind, some of the streets (minus the defacement) and it's dark ambiance which I'm sure is helped by them both being set in the 80's.

    Story wise I really can't think of anything too similar at the moment, which is a shame.

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