New characters and Season 2?

Hi. I'am a big fan of 'Wolf among us'! And i really love the story (but the one with the ribbons, and stripters was a bit strange to me, but it was okay.).
And i think i'am not alone, when i think we need a season 2. The game ended in a strange way, and it didn't closed everything. So if we got a season 2 i hope Bigby will be the main character again. And another thing. The thing changed betwen the fabels. Some Bad guys (Big Bad Wolf) turned into good guys, and some good guys (The Woodsman) turned into bad guys. So with a same sort of change, they could put Boogeyman into the game, as a
good guy/Shapeshifter. I think it really could make the story more interesting! And maybe Red Riding Hood could return with the dwarfs!
Or some more Urban legend charaters. We got Mary, so we could get a less famous one, like the Bunny Man. I don't think the Rake, or the Slender Man would fit into this World. But leaving the Urban Legends, TellTale could intruduce classics, like the famus Bigfoot, or Yeti. They gave us the Jersey Devil
so why not? I would like to see some sort of diffrend story. Like not a group is behind everything, with one spooky leader. Instead of that they cloud give only One Big Bad Guy, but a mysterius one, Like the Grimm Reaper. What do you 'Wolf Among Us' fans say?


  • They should make the next one in Las Vegas, more strippers

  • Brilliant. But i don't think TellTale will put any more nudity in thier games. But who knows...

    They should make the next one in Las Vegas, more strippers

  • Well the comics are amazing and have so many characters and stories that no video game series could ever cover them all. I mean I would love to see them make like 200 Wolf Among Us games because it is by far my favorite telltale series but i doubt they will do that haha. I really hope they stay somewhat true to the comics though and they stick with a bad guy from them. GEPETTO!!!!!!!!!

  • I never read rhe comics, but Gepetto is a very interesting choice for a bad guy.

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