The Sad Part about Game Of Thrones Season 2?

So since they announced Season 2 of Game Of Thrones i was like "OMG WHY" because i knew Telltale would Fuck it up with the choices and that. But then i was like maybe Telltale has changed and aren't lazy now. But when A New Frontier came out and when Jane and kenny died i was like this "WHY, Now i have no hope for GoT S2" So now we know how Asher, Rodrik, Mira, etc are gonna be treated in S2, They get about 5 minutes of Screentime with Fucked up Models then they Die in such shitty deaths. And that makes me pissed because i want Gwyn and Asher to be together but i guess Asher is gonna die by Blood Lose and Gwyn at Asher's Bedside and whoever was with your Asher at the end of S1. This also will happen to Duncan, Royland, and other Determinant characters. Plus Season 2 will be for NEWCOMERS like they do with every new season of they're new games.


  • Stop doing dull posts and only complaining will depress the fandom.

    Guys can't you wait with patience for the game?Complaining will only drain yourself of negativity...

  • Oh damn! you might be right! let's hope it doesn't come to that

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    The easiest way to have Asher and Rodrik not die with the bare minimum amount of effort is to have them just be comatose for a few episodes and have the POV be Talia, who's the only consistent character in that plot line. Then I guess that storyline would revolve around taking care of Asher/Rodrik with help from Royland/Duncan/Gwyn.

    Royland/Duncan/Gwyn has no excuse because they proved they could have two characters fill each others' roles with the Sentinel in season 1.

    But this is Telltale, so they'll probably fuck it up somehow.

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