Your favourite house in each one of the seven kingdoms

Let's speak about the minor/forgotten houses that for some reason(or any at all) have achieved your interest and liking.
GREAT HOUSES not allowed(Baratheon,Lannister,Stark,Baelish too remember Letter as lord paramount of the trident...)

So here goes my list:

  • In the North:House Dustin of Barrowton!(,The character of Lady Dustin(only books) with its grief,hatred of the Starks and her master's distrust;make her my favourite Northern Lady.Also Barrowton is believed to be the seat of the first king of the first men.The lore and the house legacy make them very likeable to me.
  • In the Riverlands:House Mudd!( ),What to say about this house?Catelyn's chapter in the books,Old stones the ancient keep whose name was forgotten...
  • In the Vale:House Templeton of Ninestars(,A knightly house so powerful that can raise even more men than a lordly one.No reason at all to explain my love for them at all :)
  • In the Westerlands:House Drox(,thanks to the fanfic and playthroughs of Crusader Kings II.They fit as the traditional enemies of House Payne.
  • In the Crownlands:House Massey of Stonedance!( Justin Massey is an intriguing character and one of the men who remained loyal to Stannis' after Blackwater.Their ancient ties as enemies of the Storm Kings gave them all my respect and interest.
  • In the Stormlands:House Caron of Nightsong!(,Now in danger cause of the Usurpers of House Foote who killed the rightful lord of Nightsong.I hope that the bastard Rolland Storm will be legitimate by Stannis' and recover the seat from the westermen.Their loyalty to the Baratheon and their musical reference in their words:"No song so sweet" make them my favourites yo.
  • In the Reach:House Roxton of the Ring!(,their role in got ascent plus their story during the Dance of the Dragon(Jon Roxton "The Bold) gave them all my credit.
  • In Dorne:House Toland of Ghost Hill!(,As the story is told during Aegon's conquest,Lord Toland sent his champion to battle Aegon after Aegon slew him He will learnt that the man was Lord Toland's fool and Lord Toland had already scaped on his ship.The next day the Toland's took a new sigil a dragon hitting its own tail...Love the story,the trolling was legendary.


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    Come on guys what about yours?The variety of houses in the got universe make it very rich in content and veary realistic.
    Let's open this discussion!!!

    My bad How Could I forget the Iron Islands?Here it goes,House Drumn of Old Wyk(,they held the tittle "Bone Hand" and their seat Old Wyk is a holy seat to the Drown God's believers,they're epic and that's it :)

  • I don't have a particular favourite from each of the seven kingdoms but I do really love House Hightower, Ser Gerold Hightower, the White Bull was the Lord Commander of Aerys II Targaryen's (the mad king) kings guard and was defeated by Ned Stark at the tower of Joy, he is my favourite pre-events of GoT character.

    Good old Leyton Hightower is the Lord of the house and he hasn't been seen in a decade, he is said to be in the great Hightower of oldtown itself, some theories propose he's dead but I like to think he's planning something since there are rumours he is reading magic texts with his daughter Malora "The Mad Maid" to deal with the ironborn threat. There are sightings of real kraken so I believe Leyton Hightower and Malora are causing this.

    Their words are "We light the way" and their sigil is a great tower with a watch flame on the top. They had a Valyrian steal sword named Vigilance but it was lost when Lord Ormund Hightower took it into the Battle of Tumblton and was killed by Roddy the Ruin, the swords whereabouts are unknown.

    Fun fact, Ser Gerold Hightower is related to Margaery and Loras Tyrell. Gerold is Leyton's uncle, and one of Leyton's daughters, Alerie, married Mace Tyrell and had Margaery and Loras as children. Additionally Jorah Mormont married another of Leytons daughters, Lynesse. So Jorah Mormont, Loras Tyrell, Margaery Tyrell and The White Bull are all related!

  • That's impressive dude,a man like Ser Jorah related to that summer kid Loras...Marriages between houses can lead to curiosities like this.
    Come on guys post your favourite minor houses!!!

    I don't have a particular favourite from each of the seven kingdoms but I do really love House Hightower, Ser Gerold Hightower, the White Bu

  • And guys,let me remember House Waxley of Wickenden ( if the forresters are the main producers of ironwood on the seven kingdom these are the producers of candles.Their words shall fit in the war against the white walkers:"Light in the darkness".

    • North ~ House Manderly of White Harbor
    • Riverlands ~ House Mooton of Maidenpool
    • Vale ~ House Borrell of Sweetsister
    • Westerlands ~ House Farman of Faircastle
    • Crownlands ~ House Rykker of Duskendale
    • Stormlands ~ House Mertyns of Mistwood
    • Reach ~ House Graceford of Hollyhall
    • Dorne ~ House Allyrion of Godsgrace
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