Any news/word on a second GoT series??

I know I'm super late to the TTs GoT. But I just marathoned the entire series in one go. Dying to know if there is any more coming in the future.


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    It is a bit complicated there and none of us knows for sure. A second season has been confirmed right after the first one was finished, with Kevin Bruner, then CEO of Telltale, outright saying that it is in development. After over a year of nothing, Job J. Stauffer revealed in an AMA here in the forums that the second season is nothing they would develop at the moment, though he did not go into further detail about what this meant for Bruner's earlier statement, if it had been in development and got cancelled or if Bruner might have been a bit too quick with his announcement. Fact is, we haven't gotten any news for that seemingly announced game in over one and a half years and neither have there been any news that would confirm a cancellation of it. At the same time, after very recent Thrones-related activity on Telltale's social media and some teasing from Job about an upcoming announcement this month that will please fans of older, mature-rated Telltale games, there has been an increase of hope among the fandom that they finally decide to reveal more information about either Thrones or a possible Wolf Season 2. I guess we have to wait for what this month will bring.

  • Telltale's teasing the return of a mature rated Telltale Series which has been absent for a long time. Given that Tales from the Borderlands Season 2 is practically impossible, either TWAU or Game of Thrones are likely getting a second season.

    While it's true that a second season of GoT was confirmed, keep in mind that there's been radio silence since then and we were kept in the dark, so there were many doubts about if we were still getting a Season 2 for GoT. It all points out that it will be oficially be announced during summer though (probably this month during San Diego's Comic Con).

  • All that I know is that Minecraft Season 2 was officially confirmed and they're bringing back a "mature" series. I'm going to guess Wolf Among Us, but that's just a guess.

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