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In the light of the recent (and maybe unfounded) hype for (the long overdue) season 2 of GOT, Id like to ask you all some questions and exchange some thoughts:
1) How will Telltale handle Rodrik/Asher (I know its been discussed time and time again, but why not?)
2) What will happen to Mira?
3) What new point of views could we have?
4) During what time frame will the next season take place?
5) What is the importance of the North Grove?
You can add questions if you feel like it.
I believe Asher/Rodrik wont die, but will either appear just a bit in each episode, or not at all in some episodes, except for the first and last. I hope Mira could remain a POV, however I think at best, she will become a minor interactive character in one or two episodes. New POVs could include: Talia, Sera, Beshka or Malcolm Brandfield, but I do believe TT will just create new, hitherto unknown POVs characters. I like to believe this season will last until, or preferably after, the retaking of Winterfell by the Starks. And I have absolutely now idea about the North Grove, I just hope I made the right choice by staying there. If anything, Gared might help the Forresters by use of magic; managing to get pass the wall seems highly unlikely to me.


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    Let's see...this is a good warming for season 2.

    1.The Rodrik/Asher is indeed a classic on the community.I understand that they'll be the center of next season;Playing the lord of House Forrester story with interchangeable scenes(Other characters would refer as them as lord forrester,)except concrete scenes in which they would only change their names(enter Rodrik/Asher depends on who is alive).I hope they'll have a huge plot armour as they are the principal link with season one.

    2.Mira is a different one.The question is:Is Telltale willing to give her storyline a rising point? I mean Would they give her a sub-plot?
    Imagine Mira manipulating Morgryn using still(if you stay in Margary's service as a trusted advisor/maiden)her influence in court to bring him down somehow.Otherwise a darker story is possible(raping and Murder of Mira) to get away with her narrative or a copy of Wanda's one on the show;if they go this way a happy ending would be great.

    3.POVS,I predict 4/5 in season 2.One of this group could fill Ethan's role;playing an important part at the start but later kill and shocking the gamers again(They remember that none is safe on got universe).I hope this is not an excuse to cut off Talia's trajectory or even the main Rodrik/Asher or the sentinel/traitor storyline.I think Malcolm(Rodrik/Asher's uncle) will be the POV in ESSOS,interacting with Daernerys and its Mereneese court, memories of his youth fighting for the Mad-King himself would fit.Rodrik/Asher **would fill one of the spots surely.An unknown Forrester soldier could be the POV in Ironrath after Whitehill occupation with his own story,motivations, background...An interesting role that fans will like, understand the forrester's smallfolk would be cool,after the killing in the battle of Ironrath of the peasants (anger in them...).Gared is confirmed for sure in his North Grove plot.Beshka or a Whitehill family member would be a new interesting turn on the story,We know Beska's past as a slave and a pit fighter but this could be expanded in her own skin while teaching the young Rhyon how to fight.Or humanise the antagonists playing as Tohrren Whitehill Ludd's third-son and heir or even Gwyn.Otherwise playing as a last member of the forrester's allies I mean House Bole,Branch massacrated at the Red Wedding (Duncan mentions them in chapter two).He could be a lone survivor in the Wolfswood seeking surveillance and could help the Sentinel/traitor to his cottage, help them heal there.

    4.Season one ended at the start of season five show?don't remember at all.But season 2 could end with the proclamation of Jon Snow as king.Being the Forrester lord one of the nobles that claims Jon Snow as king in the North.But depends on the release date and all that stuff they give us(could even get season 7 show if it is delayed)

    5.With the North Grove plot,I trust they can do something great.If you stay they could explore the lord of the North and the Old God's with Gared and the forrester's bastards(more blood sacrifices to make the North Grove Stronger).If you choiced to march to Ironrath they would force the player to stay on the grove for its importance and central implication to the story.
    Seriously no clue about the secret of the North Grove,I'll embrace what Telltale will give me.

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