"Good" choices?

Since season 2 has been announced, I have decided to play the game again and I'm trying to make Bigby a good person, but when it comes to the Fables that are not using glamours, I'm not sure if I should take them to the farm or not, either I'm putting the safety of all Fables first or my personal feelings toward the non-glamoured Fables.


  • Well that depends on your personal view on the "good" - there's no specific description of "one good", better than all the rest. If you think that the laws of Fabletown are mandatory to everyone without exception and that not letting Fables break it is necessary, then you should take them to The Farm. If you think that the laws are not the most important thing to uphold and that they don't cover every situation perfectly (which they obviously don't), then refer to your personal judgement.

  • It depends if you're playing lawful Bigby or a Bigby who just does what he thinks is right.

  • I guess I'll go for the lawful good since it would be unfair for Toad. But, you know, still take money.

  • I would have loved to use Dum's (or was it Dee's?) money to buy Toad and TJ glamours.

  • I boiled down the story down to Bigby juggling being a detective, and being a cop. The detective is more order and "greater good" stuff while the cop is more "in the now." Do you want to learn things about the case, or stop crimes related to the case from happening. This game is pretty great because I don't think it lets you be a "good cop" AND a "good detective," but you can probably be terrible as both.

    Going over the events I can remember now though, I can't actually remember enough to say which options would represent a cop or a detective choice, other than the Meat Shop, which if visited first is very clearly a detective choice, since it lays out the idea of slave labour in much clearer detail than if you visited last. And also if you avoid going to Cranes room, you don't do you cop-ly duties of stopping that guy from robbing his place.

    All that being said though, I sent the frogs to the farm. Toad's an ass and TJ is too innocent for the slums of city life.

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