What characters would you like to see return in season 2?

There's quite a few side characters in season 1 that I really liked and would love for them to return. For me, I would really like to see Gren, The Woodsman and Aunty Greenleaf return. These characters were really interesting to me. How about you? Who would you like to see return?


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    I'd LOVE to see my drunk fish frog again. :3

  • This gif makes that scene seem so much dirtier than it actually is! XD

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    I'd LOVE to see my drunk fish frog again.

  • First of all, I want to know what happens to Nerissa. But I guess that all depends on if the storyline is going to mirror the comics in what happens to her, Or if it will be different. I'm wondering if Telltale will make is so that you get to decide if you decisions from Season 1 carry on into Season 2. That would be pretty awesome.

    I Really want to know what's going on with Bluebeard because I feel like he's hiding a lot. I could never figure out if He burned Carnes apartment because there was proof linking him to the corruption, Or if he was so enraged that his money was used illegally that he burned his luxurious apartment to the ground. Which I'm pretty sure his money paid for,

    Holly will always be one of my favorites

    I'm not too fond of Gren, maybe it has a lot to do with the comics.

    Woody is actually an okay guy.

    I Love Snow, But I feel like the fact that she's been walked on ALOT, and that her husband left her leaves her very bitter and crass sometimes. I Don't like her bitchy attitude but I can see where it stems from.

    I FUCKING HATE TOAD. I want to see him just so I could harass his ass. I mostly want to see how he would look with a glamour though. I imagine an overweight hairy drunk shit.

  • We've already kind of got a thread for this question, titled "Characters in S2" :)

    That said, I want Nerissa to be brought back!

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    I'd LOVE to see my drunk fish frog again.

  • I guess but most people just said comic characters that weren't in the first season whereas this is specifically about characters that were in season 1.

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    We've already kind of got a thread for this question, titled "Characters in S2" That said, I want Nerissa to be brought back!

  • Well we already know Bigby and Snow are 100% returning, but I think its safe to say Bufkin, Magic Mirror, Flycatcher, Beauty and Beast, Bluebeard, Jack, and possibly Colin will appear. The rest we'll see, Id love to see the Trip Trap Bar crew to return.

  • Having Bloody Mary back would be pretty neat.

  • I am down for Bloody Mary to make a comeback.

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    Having Bloody Mary back would be pretty neat.

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    I am down for Bloody Mary to make a comeback.

  • I really love Grendel and Holly, so it would be great to see them again. Also Flycatcher, Woody, Bufkin, Aunty Greenleaf and Lawrence would be nice.. yeah I know he's determinant but his story just broke my heart. First time I got him killed and felt so bad I had to go back.

  • [Updated from the my comment in armis37's thread]

    Characters I want to see return in season 2 (other than Bigby and Snow who are already confirmed):

    • Beauty and the Beast - loved Bigby's interaction with them (especially with Melissa Hutchinson and Gavin Hammon voicing them), and wouldn't say no to them returning.
    • Colin - enjoyed his constant sarcasm, and on and off bickering with Bigby. Sure, he might be stuck at the Farm (determinant), but he's prone to escape the Farm and sneaking into Bigby's apartment.
    • Flycatcher - he's naive, but interaction with him seemed like conversing with a good friend.
    • Jack (Horner) - hate his character, but really enjoyed beating the heck out of him when I'm in "Bad Bigby Mode"
    • Bluebeard - Fabeltown's gotta have the egotistical self-absorbed baddie somewhere. Definitely not a fan of the character, but enjoyed swearing at him (if Jack was about giving physical abuse, Bluebeard is about giving verbal abuse)

    New characters I'd like to see :

    • Cinderella (a.k.a. Cindy) - she's like the #1 new character I want to see. The Badass, sexy spy trained by Bigby. If she is in season 2, I want to see her "Glass Slipper shoe store"!
    • Rose Red - to give Snow's storyline (other than with Bigby) more development. Plus, I want to see bickering between the 2 sisters.
    • Prince Charming - Kinda same reason as Rose Red, but adding egotistical to the mix. Also, Charming trying to get under Snow's good graces may get jealous reaction from Bigby?
    • Boy Blue and Pinocchio - In the comics, these two and Flycatcher are basically best friends. So it's only natural for them to show.
    • King Cole - in season 1, he had the excuse of "being away" (which made it a perfect setup for Crane being in charge). That excuse no longer applies with Crane being deposed. Plus Snow (as deputy Mayor) needs someone to answer to higher up. If he appears, his rooftop penthouse (i.e. Mayor's penthouse) would be an interesting place to visit.
    • Briar Rose - the famous sleeping beauty, if Cindy is gonna be in season 2, then Briar Rose should definitely be in it too (being one of Charming's 3 ex-wives). Plus, they can deal with her issue with her pricking finger (and Bigby could possibly use it to his advantage like he did in comics Vol. 3 Storybook Love)
    • Totenkinder - the most powerful witch in Fabletown. If Bigby ever visits the 13th Floor, she's a must have character (though even if 13th floor isn't visited, she's a pretty interesting character to have, and good nod to the comics!)

    Characters I'd like to see, but doubt we'll see (again):

    • Toad and Toad Jr. - I liked them. But they've been sent to the Farm (regardless of Bigby's choice), so unless they are master at escaping the Farm like Colin, I'd say it's unlikely (since Bigby is prohibited from going to the Farm).
    • Weyland Smith - he's a character from main series that I would have liked to see, but unfortunately he's the administrator at the Farm, so chances are unlikely.
    • Nerissa/Faith - her character is one that I really enjoyed interacting with. To have Bigby care (or act caring) for someone other than Snow is a rare thing (and to my surprise, I liked greatly, despite always shipping Snigby). However, one major roadblock which stops her from returning is what happened to her at the end in the comics. Sure, the Crooked Man's fate is also different from the comics but currently both TWAU game and TWAU comic is considered to be canon because they're self contained story. And with Telltale teasing season 2 to be a new mystery and new storyline, I'd say it's not likely.
    • Bloody Mary - I loved her character, and Bigby's final fight with her was so awesome, but I have a feeling Telltale will develop new Big Bad for Bigby to faceoff (and with character like Mary, it has to be all or nothing (like in season 1), otherwise, it will basically be repetition of season 1.
    • Goldilocks - she's been a constant thorn in Snow and Bigby's side in the comics, so it might be good opportunity to introduce her in TWAU2. However, having said that it's been established as canon that she prefers the company of animal Fables rather than human Fables, so like Toad and Weyland, I'd say she's more likely a resident of the Farm.
  • Having the Woodsman make a return would be nice. He gets very little mention in the comics...

  • I was actually really disappointed that Woody didn't show up at the trial.

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    Having the Woodsman make a return would be nice. He gets very little mention in the comics...

  • We know what he does in the comics, but his whereabouts are a mystery.

    Let's bring Woody back in for more, with less beating on the ladies please...

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    I was actually really disappointed that Woody didn't show up at the trial.

  • Most of the characters I want to see return have already been mentioned, so I'll mention a few who haven't been that I would also like to see return.

    Kelsey Brannigan, Dr. Swineheart and Jersey Devil. I would like to see Kelsey and Swineheart mainly for story reasons and Jersey because you can never have too many characters that are just perpetual assholes.

  • Little red riding hood! I really want to see Bigby's past in some nice flashbacks or something, that would be awesome.

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