Your opinion on the re-boot of the Resident Evil movie (2018)!!??

Honestly I just wanna say thank god the Paul WS Anderson films are over I mean every inch of detail of the films were off, not too mention the time line of the Resident Evil were off.

Example 1: if you look at the first film yes they had a mansion incident except their weren't original charters in the game .

Example 2: Resident Evil: Apocalypse had some RE2 and RE3 elements but it also had Code Veronica elements with the (Ashford family ) but it only showed nemesis instead of of the G- Virus .

Example 3 :for RE :Extinction it had Clair Redfield which should have been in the 2nd film and put Albert Wesker in 3rd film which originally should have been in the first one too begin with.

Example 4 : Afterlife should have took place in Africa only and for Wesker too be the head of Umbrella makes no sense for which he was a spy using the S.T.A.R.S members as battle data . But they give us more Code Veronica elements with Clair being back on the film with RE :5 elements too distract you.

Example 5 :which looks nothing like Resident Evil 6 I mean no C -Virus zombies but the Las Plaques "REALLY"!!! and gives us some RE 4 elements with Ada and Alice just like what she did with Leon and for Barry too show up their instead of of Chris .


Example 6 : which was like a slap too the face with some fans I mean it can't get anymore ridiculous as it gets unlike for (Clair Redfield) too show up in the final films.

What is your opinion about the upcoming re-boot for 2018 let me know in the comments bellow.




  • Well, they can't be any worse than the original movies.

  • I won't doubt that it might be better than the original movies but I doubt it's gonna be a good movie. Because it's based on a video game. All movies based on video games either suck or are so forgettable due to the hit at box office. Here are the most notable ones:

    • Super Mario Bros
    • Mortal Kombat Annihilation
    • Hitman
    • Alone in the Dark
    • DOOM
    • Max Payne
    • Lara Croft Tomb Raider

    Hell, as a huge fan of Uncharted franchise, I think the upcoming Uncharted movie is going to suck, even if they casted Tom Holland as Young Nathan Drake. Why make a movie based on video game which is just inspired by a movie franchise (Indiana Jones)?

  • As long as Paul WS Anderson and Mila Jovovich have nothing to do with them, then I'm sold.

  • As someone who loved the original films for being goofy and fun little "so-bad-it's-good" movies, and somebody who is desperately clinging onto anything Resident Evil while I wait for ResE2 HD and ResE8 news, I'm quite excited. If it's a good movie that's faithful to the original then I will pleasantly surprised, and if it's a shit movie with goofy action then I'll at least be entertained.

  • Since the worst case scenario is that you won't like it, I say be hopeful and give it a chance. Though personally I think they should just do their own original characters set in the RE world.

  • I'm for it.

  • It's a bit soon but I'm willing to check them out. I enjoyed the other movies to a certain extent once I stopped thinking about them as being connected to the games.

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