'El Matadero' Episode Discussion

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I think a suffocation free episode is guaranteed tonight, so there's that.

Comment before, after, yada yada yada.



  • It sucks she had to go without seeing her dad for the last time.

    Ofelia had like tears of joy when she found out her father was alive but were they also of sadness since she also knows she won't be able to see him since we assumed she is just happy to hear about her dad at that time

  • Good episode. RIP Ofelia. I like where Alicia is headed. She met the pick-axe version of Michonne. I hope to see more of her. Maddy was so-so for me. I mean, kudos for standing up to Strand and doing the right thing and letting Nick make his own mistakes, and finding a place for her people to live. But this is the 2nd time she's pissed on someone's dying wish. Liza told her it couldn't be Travis, Ofelia tells her it can't be her father. That minor detail has made me lose respect for her character. Last but not least, Nick. HE'S BACK! And better than ever. Brain stem nucleus? Jesus. Can't wait to see where his bottom ends up.

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