How do you get Holly to support you in Episode 5?

enter link description here I looked at Holly's webpage on the Fables Wiki and it says Holly says this in support of Bigby and Snow in Episode 5 when Crooked Man is brought before the community, "Bigby's right! You people don't know what the fuck you're talking about! Do you seriously think you want Crane back? He was an asshole! And he didn't do shit for any of you! Snow and Bigby found my sister. When Crane wouldn't even look. [...] They cared about Lily. They care about all of us. Even if they've got a funny way of showin' it sometimes."

There's an audio file at the link if you wanna hear it. I wanted to hear Holly say this so I played through the entire series and made sure to always treat her right (paid for the drink, was gentle with her when telling her about Lily, told her I was hunting Crane for Lily, etc) and I still didn't get her to say this when the time came. The link says that her saying this is a Determinant, and since I made sure to be nice to her, I can only assume you have to select certain dialogue choices to get her to support you. Has anyone managed to get Holly to back you up (say the exact words listed above)? If so, what dialogue choices do you have to choose to get her to say them?


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    If I remember correctly you have to kill the Crooked Man before Bigby goes to the trial. Also in Episode 3 you have to either a) tell Holly that Bigby cares or that he's trying to do what's right while pretending to be the Woodsman(I might have spelled his name wrong) or b) tell Holly that your doing whatever you can to catch Crane and not just doing for Faith or Lily.

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