What are some songs that you connect to the most?

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Formerly "What are some songs that you feel describe you well?"

There are many people that will tell you how music acts as a gateway to the soul, that your musical preferences can say a lot about who you are as a person. I believe it should go without saying that music can provide an excellent aid for emotional and spiritual introspection, even if there are those that treat it as little more than background noise or a nice beat, which isn't a bad thing by any means. Now having said that, I thought that having a thread like this would be nice way for this community to get to know each a bit better. Feel free to post some songs that you believe embody certain elements of your personality, if you are comfortable with doing so.

Please take note that this isn't meant to be a rating thread. Don't be afraid to share a song due to it's quality and do try to refrain from judging other's music tastes. Also keep in mind that this isn't necessarily a "What are you listening to right now?" thread. If there's a song you're currently listening to that you like and want to share but doesn't have much significance to you as a person posting it here would probably be more appropriate. Thank you.



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    Walk by Pantera

    Lyrics: Is there no standard anymore? / What it takes, who I am, where I've been belong? / You can't be something you're not / Be yourself, by yourself / Stay away from me / A lesson learned in life / Known from the dawn of time

    Relevance: It's about being yourself and not giving a shit about what others think of you. So stop pretending to be something you're not and just be you, it's such a simple concept, but people often ignore it.

    Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold

    Lyrics: Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost / It's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over / I see my vision burn, I feel my memories fade with time / But I'm too young to worry

    Relevance: A song that definitely pertains to the loss of a loved one, it also has a message of cherishing those around you and making every day count. When my grandmother died a few years back, a song like this made me really start to appreciate the people close to me and to not take them for granted.

    F.P.C. by Havok

    Lyrics: Pretty much the whole song

    Relevance: What, I hate political correctness with a passion. Hey, the thread was songs that describe me well.

  • Psycho Therapy

  • i would say when im there by s3rl it reminds me of a girl im chatting to on psn who lives in the u.s god how i wish i could meet her and when first love ends by hatsune miku as it is similar to the time my first gf left me i would post the videos but im using my psvita and i cant copy links

  • THIS!!!
    doesn't really describe me cause I'm a dude :D , but I've had this song on repeat for a good few weeks now : ) it's really good. I got it from a Tv show called Vice Principals, very funny show I recommend you guys check it out on your spare time : )

  • I've been told that Wake Me Up - Avicii describes me quite well:

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    I thought of maaaany songs, but this one is still probably the most accurate.

    My little universe is expanding… slowly
    Those who know me say I’m growing every day
    Beautiful emptiness surrounds me
    I take small steps
    I'm making progress in an unspecific way
    Here I am king
    I decide everything
    I let no one in
    No one
    No one
    No one
    The limited consciousness preserves me
    It protects me
    And just connects enough to keep the walls at bay
    My little universe is expanding, slowly
    Those who know me say I'm growing every day

  • I looked at a lot of songs, but it kinda boiled down to this one.

  • Songs that reflate me:
    Let it go
    Do you wanna build a snowman
    One more day
    Reflation pop version
    I'll post more later

  • I feel like this song was written about me.

  • Tempary home
    Jesus take the wheel
    One more day-did I say this one already?
    Hold me while I cry

  • It's mostly describing something that's been going on in my head.

    It's this kinda nothingness that's been seeping into my mind for the past few months making me ask the questions like; Why am I here? Would it really matter if I left tomorrow? Is there anything that would make it matter? But the real question I should be asking is If it's okay if there isn't an answer.

    "But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?"

    And this is what my picture of death is like:

    "And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like you've been here before?"

    A dreamless sleep, without any thought or memory, just darkness. Normally, it only lasts a second and I'm awake 8 hours later, but imagine you're stuck in that for longer than that, with no idea how long you've been there and you can't remember anything that was.
    Thoughts like that are enough to make me question what is the purpose of being here when we lose all of our experiences when we leave.

    But maybe, just being there for the people who do believe there's an answer is what would make it worth it. Cause otherwise, what else do we have?

  • This is one of my mom's favorite songs. It's also how most of my prayers go

    (Yes I'm aware of the ironic arrogance of this song.)

    I'm so glad Naughty Dog introduced me to Shawn James. Really my kind of music. One verse I want to address.

    And my mind, and my gun they comfort me, because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come

    After the loss of my faith instead of following in my past faith's teachings I would use my own will and power to overcome adversity, all while lacking the wisdom to resolve matters delicately

    Obviously not literally but I feel as though I can relate to this song.

    I might post more later.


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    This is one of my mom's favorite songs. It's also how most of my prayers go (Yes I'm aware of the ironic arrogance of this song.)

  • This song just popped up on my spotify and I'm crying right now

  • How much of a normie do you have to be t think a song describes you?

  • I don't see the issue. Just because some people believe that their favorite songs can reflect certain aspects of their personality suddenly that must mean music is the only thing constructing their identity? What exactly is wrong with this kind of introspection? Also do not insult posters in my thread.

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    Right now, this.

    I feel like the world is making me think I have to be completely on top of my life and know exactly what I want to do and have to do to attain it. I think I know what that is, but lately I've been really doubting myself and I feel like it's something I can't do. It's a lie I'm making myself believe, I guess.
    It's probably just my school strike getting me down. It's killed my schedule and I still have no idea when we'll be back. By this point, I don't think I want to go back. Just get my grades and move on to something else. Find a job, if I even know where to start for that...
    (If you want to respond to me about this, maybe tag me from this thread? Y'know, just to keep things in their proper place. This thread is just about music...)

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    This song, for some reason, has really resonated with me recently. Why? I can't say. Something to do with themes of damnation and religion has fascinated me a lot in the past few months, and I can't help thinking of shit like that. Anyhow, it's a pretty damn good song as well.

  • dear evan hansen? ahhh, i see you're a man of culture as well

  • Make Believe - Kero Kero Bonito

    All my life I tried
    To find the time to make believe
    But now as certain as the seasons
    I know real life will get in between
    If I never get
    To decide my reality
    At least I see how it could be
    When I get round to sleeping

  • whoopty di scoop poop

  • I connect with sounds, not words. This song just puts me in the zone whenever I hear it, and i've played this song literally almost every day for the past 8 years. Idk, it just has hold of me.

    I've meditated to this once, but only on really low volume. Just laid on my back, legs crossed on my bed.

    I listen to a lot of instrumentals.

  • a classic

    I know much of the symbolism I make up in these songs was never intended but the point of music is to make your own connection anyways

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    I'm in a really good place right now, so it can only be Throne of Agony by Foetus.

    Hello, operator... give me NO-MAN'S LAND
    Collect call to no one at all
    Been yelling into an empty closet to the point of no return (and no deposit)
    Fiddlin and watchin while ROME BOINS
    A roll of the dice: the WOIM TOINS

    Hello, central... give me NO-MAN'S LAND
    From a walking waste disposal unit
    A transfusion from me'd kill the faint of heart

    Alas POOR YORICK... I knew me well but I bin killin ma brain CELL BY CELL
    It only takes a bullet to make the WOIM TOIN--an this one's for you...

    The toll is belling... the signs is telling
    Nose is running... feet are smellin (Foetus Melon)
    Currently less than a human wreck
    Gimme a BREAK... start at the NECK

    I rule my body from the throne of agony
    My conscience and constitution's naggin me
    Clock up another TRACHEOTOMY
    STAB another dagger inna back o' me
    The dark gods boint ma evil SOUL
    Ma brittle spirit's toint to COAL
    I rule my body from the throne of agony

    Chalk up another frozen pizza... choke up another thousand marlboros
    Anything goes for them ordinary joes
    They'll cut off your face to spite your nose
    I don't need to touch their toes to know I've already reached my ALL TIME LOW
    Pacin' ruts inna carpet
    Eatin' up the wallpaper, crawlin' the walls, sick on the ceiling
    Shut the shutters... I shoulda stayed in bed

    Complainin bout ma campaign against personal decency
    I got no excuses
    Just rules wrapped in barbed wire, laced with busted glass
    (Yeah, I'm the one who gave the sandwich to Mama Cass)

    Stoke up and poke up my funeral pyre
    And watch my life flicker before your very eyes
    With no commercial breaks... NO BRAKES
    NO BRAKES... (kill me baby)

    Pour another glass of liquid clear
    Drinkin hard to not remember what I'd just as soon forget
    String around the finger... ROPE around the NECK
    You always HATE the one you LOVE
    Time dies when you're having fun
    I'm gonna change ma name... I'm changin' trains... (kill me baby)


  • This is one of many

  • this because there is a girl who lives in the u.s which i like and hope to meet her in person one day

  • That is like, shockingly accurate.

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  • We swore we'd never stray, right before we went our separate ways
    And now we're lookin' back, we're second guessing all the choices that we made.

    Can't decide between this version and the deceptively upbeat ska version, but either way it hits dangerously close to home.

  • I'm a narcissist; if the song isn't about me I don't listen to it :sweat_smile:

    I'm kidding but yeah I prefer to see my own soul in the music I listen to.

    That is like, shockingly accurate.

  • Basically this one.

    Also, Grace VanderWaal is such a great artist, holy shit.

  • I'm caught up on my school work, but oh man is my life still a mess. I'm putting on a façade 80% of the time when I'm not on top of it all.
    Procrastination nation over here.

    Only Acting - KKB

    I thought I was only acting
    But I felt exactly like it was all for real
    I sure didn’t know it hurt so bad
    That no rehearsal could show you how to feel inside
    What you gotta hide
    Where to put your pride
    When to realize you’ve had your time

    speaks to me

  • Yah, I'm that right now :joy:

  • One of these two; haven't figured out which one yet.

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