Considering buying The Wolf Among Us

So as the title suggests I am considering buying The Wolf Among Us for Christmas. I have heard good things about this game however I want to hear what you the Community have to say.
What is so good about this game?
Why should I buy this game? :)
Please do not discuss spoilers.


  • The wolf among us is really good in my opinion, if I had to explain everything in detail I would really take a long time so I'm just talking about the strengths and the reasons why it is worth playing.
    The atmosphere is one of the things I loved the most, a noir style mixed with LED colors that make the whole thing darker accompanied by really beautiful music that allows the player to immerse themselves immediately in the environment and empathize with the protagonist (the sheriff Bigby Wolf).
    Another point in favor is that this is a game related to fairy tales,this makes it much easier to understand and understand the various protagonists and an even more beautiful thing this game completely overwhelms them in any other way. It will be easy for you to love some characters and hate others.
    dialogues at some moments are sharp and well written, some action scenes are breath taking and the moral choices are incredible.
    The story is also good, there are some plot twist and some evolution of characters.
    You should really try it you will not regret.

  • Ok the gameplay is really good and your choices influence the kind of sheriff you want to be of Fabletown. The story is actually pretty good and interesting. It has one of the best noir stories I have played in a long time.
    The voice acting is amazing and each character seems to be treated with extra care and the world TellTale created with this game is really awesome!
    This is one of my favorite games from TellTale because it is a fun, action packed, noir, mystery story that not many games offer. I really recommend checking it out and also The Wolf Among Us is getting a Season 2 sometime next year.

  • The game features complex relationships and decisions that don't always have a completely correct choice. Most if not all of the characters are recognizable from the fairy tales you learned as a child, but things are not as simple in this world. It's good enough that fans were able to convince Telltale to create a second season next year, despite it not having the same public recognition as, say, Batman.

    Keep in mind that anyone who hated the game is probably not reading this forum anymore. :)

  • considering? just buy it already! :D it's in my opinion the best TT game. i played it 4 times. then again, i've been a fan of the comic since its begining and couldn't beleive my eyes when i first saw that telltale was about to give us a game about it!

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