When they made episode 1 of TWAU did they know what would happen in episode 2?

In episode 1 Colin told Bigby that you can't erase peoples memories but in episode 2 Crane erased the cops memories so they will forget seeing Snow Whites head. I am just wondering if they planned that irony.


  • I think Colin meant that hypothetically. Crane even says in Ep.2 that the spell is very expensive, so only a select few Fables would be able to afford it.

  • When you say "they", do you mean the staff? because they Have to know what will happen in every episode, because they are the ones making them. However, there Was a major rewrite between season 1 and season 2 (or was it 2-3?).
    I hadn't noticed that and it would be funny to imagine Crane erasing Colin's memories after that.

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