The "Can you spell?" Game- TTG edition!

edited September 2009 in Forum Games
This is a classic forum game that plays on edit conflict- the object is to spell a word or phrase ONE LETTER AT A TIME. But the twist is this- you can only post ONE letter, and you cannot post another until someone else has posted the next letter. Since this game is best played on crowded forums, I've added a couple of new rules to keep the game interesting:

-Two players can alternate posts to complete most of the word, but may not post any of the final 3 letters, which must be completed by 3 new players.

-In a phrase, a <space> must be provided.

Only I may post the current word/question.

You first (easy) task is:


Nevermind, that one really sucked and made me want to puke.

Alright, for reals this time:


Now that sounds like fun- now it's a race to spell the best seiries before someone else ruins the word to get their series recognized!

... oh and that rmnd.s me: no abbrv.s!


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