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Okay this game blew me away- I walked into this knowing nothing about the IP and thinking it was going to be something completely different- Not at all what it turned out to be.

After finishing this I am in love with the characters and the entire concept and even purchased the novel on audiobook so I can listen to a book about this fantastic world- And I plan on hitting the comic shop later this month to see about grabbing the graphic novels.

Suffice it to say I loved this game.

So, one thing I noticed playing Batman is that origin stories and such are changed or added to (I'm not trying to discuss specifics or give spoilers) and some things (such as Lady Arkham) have totally messed with the IP (I dont mean this in a bad way- It made for a compelling and surprising story imho) and I'm wondering if anything like that happened here...Can I safely assume that the things I learned about characters here will be more or less the same in the novel or comic book series? Or did they change things around to add surprises?

Is the comic as dark and mature as this game? And is it handled with the same seriousness?

Also, what are the best graphic novels/comics to start with- I see there are a ton and I will only be able to afford maybe 2-3 at a time depending on cost.


edit- Hope this discussion is okay here. I realize this is about the IP and not necessarily the specific game.

This week I really just discovered Telltale games and I was so impressed with batman that I grabbed all the games I could afford and I just finished playing through this. Now I have also discovered an amazing new IP I had known nothing about. What a hell of a good week =)


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    The Wolf Among Us is cannon to the Fables universe, so that means there isnt any changes the game did that the comics didnt already have, it takes place in the comic universe, it just serves as a prequel.

    I read all the comics and they are very good. In honesty I think Wolf Among Us is actually better than the comics, but the comics are still great. The first few start of feeling a lot like The Wolf Among Us, with a mystery type of vibe, but as the issues came out the stories moved away from that type of theme and started to cover a lot of themes, some which got kinda weird, but some that were very fun to read. (For example there's one story line about a Genie that I found fun and interesting)

    For the comic series, you're going to want to start with Fables Volume 1: Legends in Exile, and from there just keep climbing up to Vol 2, Vol 3, ect. The stories are connected in someway or form and things that happened in past chapters are brought up (character deaths, plot points, overarching stories, callbacks) its all in a timeline, so you wont want to go "Im on Vol 5 lemme just skip to Vol 7"

    I hope you enjoy the comics and other Telltale games! I'd highly recommend playing The Walking Dead Season 1 as well as Tales from the Borderlands for your next Telltale game!

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