Could someone clear this up for me?

after watching the teaser for season 2 I decided to replay the first season to keep myself occupied and to refresh my memory. Since I played it in 2013 I've forgotten a lot of details about the story, so forgive me if this question seems stupid and deserves a "No duh" answer. So here's my question: The head that was found on the woodland's doorstep at the end of episode one was actually Lily's body, glamoured to look like Snow White. WHY Was her HEAD placed on the woodland's doorstep while her body was dumped into a river by the crooked man's men? They wanted to cover ichabod's tracks and hide the evidence to protect him right? SO why would they only dump the BODY into a river but place the HEAD on the woodland's doorstep? Were they trying to send a message? Who exactly was it that placed lily's head at the doorstep?


  • That is not what happened you are thinking about why Faith's head was left on the doorstep. The thing is it is not clear why Lily's head was there because there were rewrites that happened after episode 1. I think that maybe Jersey or Georgie dropped it there as a warning to Bigby to stop snooping around their territory.

  • All I know is Nerrissa put Faith's head on the doorstep, I don't think Faith had anything to do with Lily's death

  • We know Narrissa/Faith was the one who left the original "faith" head in episode 1 so we can assume she did the same with "Snow" head too. Its not really explained how she managed to get the head but (if Narissa is the little mermaid she could have swam down to receive the head, this is also assuming this means Faith is dead, and it was Narissia we met in episode 1 and never Faith) and then "Nerissa" left the head there on the door step to make Bigby be more involved as well as get more clues on what to do next.

  • Pretty much TellTale left it up to your idea of who Nerissa is and rather or not your Bigby decided to follow her to find out or decided let her walk away to avoid any more problems.

  • In my first playthrough I chose to follow her because something felt off about her. I thought she might be Faith but I wasn't sure and I thought it would be cleared up if you followed her.

  • I think nerissa/faith left both heads to encourage Bigby to look into it.

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