Do you want Season 2 to leave the New York setting?

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Do you want Season 2 to leave the New York location?
I'm wondering how would Telltale sustain the "Neon Noir" lighting/atmosphere if they leave the city.


  • Id be open to them not always being in New York City, but I wouldnt want it to not take place in New York and leave the City 100% behind.

  • I doubt they will leave it since the whole S1 was around Fabletown and the comic book pretty much aswell. I'd like them to get some scenes in the Homelands.

  • I would be fine with them taking the story in whatever direction, as long as it is good. To me, it's not the setting but the character relationships and community politics that stood out from Season 1.

  • I love the concept of "Neon Noir" NYC in season 1 and I hope it will return in season 2, but if creators have other plans then I'm fine with it.

  • Would like a scene at the Farm

  • To be honest I do want parts of the story to be away from Fabletown but I love the whole exploring Fabletown and investigating crimes there however, there are other areas where Fables inhabit but they are pretty far from Fabletown.

  • they cant go back to homeland because of the war. pretty sure we're gonna see the Farm though.

  • Contrary to how some users might be resistant to large status quo shifts after seeing Walking Dead: A New Frontier, I was and still am okay with the idea of Telltale trying out new playable characters or new settings for Wolf Season 2 as long as the story is good.

    Unlike the Walking Dead Telltale franchise, which fans feel is largely focused on Clem, the general Fables franchise is very storied and has all kinds of potential across different settings, characters, etc. If Wolf 2 were to focus on other characters or settings, I'd still be game unless the story wasn't good.

  • I don't think they will leave New York since that is where Fabletown is. If they were to go outside of New York, I don't think they will go to far. Perhaps to the Farm.

  • It would add some drama, Fables can't really leave or else their identity would be revealed

  • Bigby is the sheriff of Fabletown and I think the main focus should be there. TWAU is a prequel to the Fables series, so it's limited by continuity. I feel there's a lot of characters and things in Fabletown we could still explore.

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