New camera angle

edited April 2018 in The Wolf Among Us

So as seen in TFS gameplay we saw a new gameplay angle and was wondering if anyone thought this would be good a fit for season 2

I believe it would give a more detective feel to it and would hope they keep the same artstyle.


  • Same as you,i want this it would give a more "detective vibe",this is like a massive improvement.

  • I think this new camera would be a really good fit for wolf s2.

  • The new camera angle is a very nice change of pace. So, I hope that they also do the 3rd person POV camera angle for TWAU 2

  • The new camera angle is better because now they can do so much more in terms of storytelling. Like they can hide objects in the environment that could be related to the case that Bigby is on in this season. Also it can allow better exploration of Fabletown.

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