Was that Nerissa, or Faith?

I recently went back and replayed TWAU (for nostalgic purposes) and despite my earlier posts/discussions from 2014 when I was 15, I've had a few more suspicions and theories about who Bigby actually last spoke with at the end of Episode 5.

To start, let's take note that if Bigby gives Faith 58 dollars, you will later see that in Georgie's safe, meaning that after her encounter with Bigby, Faith returned to the Pudding and Pie and Georgie then proceeded to remove her ribbon (as told by Nerissa). IF that was actually Nerissa, then why did the Faith glamour never wear off? Notice: Crane was with Lily at the Open Arms the night before TJ found her body and reported it to Snow. Once at the Wishing Well, Lily's glamour wore off. So let's say (just as an approximate) it took about 12 hours for it to wear off. If so, why didn't Faith's? I know Swineheart said he wanted to "run more tests" but by the time he's picking out silver bullets from Bigby's chest in episode 5, THE GLAMOUR SHOULD HAVE WORN OFF. If it had worn off, why didn't he tell him? I think it's more likely that Faith was in fact killed by Georgie and never glamoured herself to be Nerissa and we do in fact see Nerissa at the end of the game (although I understand it doesn't match up with the voiceover of Bufkin talking about the disguise).

I also found it odd if it were to be Faith because that would mean she says to Bigby twice on separate occasions the EXACT SAME PHRASE "You're not as bad as everyone says you are." Why would she say that to him twice? It just seems like such an odd thing to do. I think it must have been a common saying between Lily, Faith, and Nerissa.

Another thing I was curious about: When Snow calls Vivian to set up Crane's appointment, how does Vivian answer?? "This is the Pudding and Pie; how can we fill your desires?" (or something similar). ARE YOU TELLING ME SNOW NEVER KNEW WHAT THE PUDDING AND PIE WAS or even seem suspicious? And Snow calls in for an appointment for CRANE, NOT Mr. Smith, so why was Crane's actual name never in the ledger?

Also, why was Faith at Woody's apartment? I feel like she wasn't there because Woody requested her services, but maybe she was looking for something else. Maybe a certain incriminating photo of Crane that she told LILY to hang onto. I think Faith knew Lily and Woody were very close, and when Faith wanted to get the photo back, she didn't see it in Lily's cubby at the Pudding and Pie, so she went to Woody's apartment looking for it, JUST LIKE TWEEDLEDEE. But really, Lily had had it on her the whole time when she went to see Crane!

Tell me what you guys think! I know it's been 4 years and all but I've never forgotten about this game.


  • UPDATE: I totally spaced that Lily's body only became un-glamoured after Bigby solved the tube, so it makes sense if Faith's head is still Faith's and not Nerissa's.

  • She said the same phrase so Bigby could know it's the same person at the beginning and at the end, that was the point of it

  • I am going to help you with the part where Crane is going for appointments at the Pudding and Pie. First off, The Pudding and Pie guarantees your discretion. Perhaps whenever someone calls they make it seem like its a massage parlor but it's really a sex club. Secondly, the girls made the appointments with the men, remember Georgie says that they choose their clients and he just takes the money and provides a location for them. I think that when Georgie took out the log book to record their names they all lied because Georgie would remember Crane since he is deputy mayor of Fable Town and again Georgie says that's how they ensure their discretion.

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