About Gwyn Whitehill

1). With Mira Forrester essentially dead and done, would Gwyn Whitehill make an interesting replacement POV for Season 2? I think she would make an interesting new POV, to play a Whitehill who isn't exactly aligned against the Forresters. It would certainly add a shade of grey to the Whitehill-Forrester conflict.

2). We never got her on-screen reaction to Asher's determinant death in Rodrik's route. How do you think she felt when she found out about the ambush and Asher's sacrifice, and then about his head getting decapitated and put on a spike? She doesn't appear in Rodrik's route but does send a messenger to Ironrath to warn the Forresters about the Whitehill army's impending arrival. After Asher's death is she still inclined for peace or is she now hateful and disgusted towards her family for what they did?

Seriously, I am so curious about how she must have reacted to Asher's death... and what happens after to his body...

3). How do you think Gwyn and Asher got together in the first place? They probably weren't the very first Whitehill and Forrester to fall in love, but considering the blood feud between their families, it does seem surprising that the two ignored such a stigma.


  • To be honest, I love the idea of having a Gwyn Whitehill POV gameplay section. Gwyn is one of the most mysterious characters in the whole game.

    I think that despite Gryff killing Asher she would still choose for peace because the Whitehills are still her family.

    Also I think Asher and Gwyn met during a meeting between Lord Forrester and Ludd Whitehill. Gwyn and her brothers were probably at the meeting along with all the Forrester kids. Also if you remember in episode 4 Rodrik notices a shield with the insignia of the Forresters and Whitehills together and also Gwyn says that their houses were once close meaning that there were probably other Whitehill and Forrester marriages.

  • I do think seeing things from the Whitehills’ perspective would be interesting. Playing as Torrhen Whitehill might be nice too. Especially considering that the Boltons’ grip on the North ain’t too secure with Tywin Lannister gone.

    It’s possible Asher and Gwyn met during some meeting. Turned out to be such a big deal that the two houses almost went into war. Surely Ned Stark would have tried to diffuse the situation.

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