Telltale is closing down. GOT S2 cancelled

It was just recently confirmed that telltale is shutting down with TWD s4 being their last game and everything else being cancelled.

This means s2 is now cancelled. Thoughts? Personally, I'm pissed that we will never get any resolution


  • Well this really sucks. I so wanted to see the Forresters reclaim Ironrath, take down the Whitehills and fight in the Long Winter. Guess we’ll never play those events. Iron from Ice!

  • GOT S2 was always a long shot and we knew it. Still, a rough day...

  • Rough, rough day. I can't help but feel that if more effort was put into GoT then it would have sold better and things would have gone much differently for the company. It was arguably the biggest IP they took on but this game suffered from some of the worst graphics, bugs, and illusions of choice ever seen in Telltale games.

    Regardless, I'm gutted that we won't ever see a conclusion to the Forrester's story. My headcanon is that Asher, traitor Duncan, and Talia recovered in hiding, Gared and the bastard twins marched south and reunited with them, found Ryon and Beskha, and slaughtered every last one of the Whitehills.

  • Despite all the problems, it was one of my favorite TT games... Frustrated by the lack of resolution.

  • Well, shit.

    The fanbase remembers!

  • Well, there's a fanfiction I was writing called A Ballad of Brothers that I was planning on continuing the story if Game of Thrones Season 2 never happened. If you guys want to read that, I'll try my best to continue the legacy.

  • Nothing worse than a deliberate sequel hook that never gets followed up on.

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