PSA: The Fable comics are genius and deserve to be read!

The news about Telltale is heartbreaking and the likely cancellation of Wolf is tragic.

But it's okay! Because Bigby, Snow White and all the gang are perfectly safe! The Fables comic series went for 150 issues and is often a masterpiece.

I discovered the comic myself through the game and if you haven't read it yet, definitely do. And remember to read Jack of Fables and Fairest for the comic story.

Bigby lives a long and (mostly) happy life.


  • wonder if they can make season 2 ideas into a comic like they did with season 1.

  • I second that! when I discovered twau and got immediately swooped into the universe, I also straight up found and read the comics and they're something else! i'd totally recommend them to anyone who want's just that last glimmer of the fabletown gang and of course closure to how their story actually ends.. still though, it's gut-wrenching that there never will actually be more

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