Fabletown Discord


So, what I'm about to say was an idea I've had for a few months now and with the recent news regarding Telltale's closure I thought I wouldn't wait any longer and share my proposition with you.

Seeing as the forums may cease to exist in the next few months or even weeks, I thought of creating a Discord server dedicated exclusively to the Fables universe. Yes, I know that 4k60fpsHDR is already leading a non-official TTG Discord, but I'm talking about Fables oriented one. Both comic book fans and TWAU fans could get together there after this place will be shut down for good, and this way we could continue to keep our little Fables community afloat beyond Telltale's demise.

Of course I'm not forcing anyone to do this, not everyone is into Discord and I'm not going to tell or beg anyone to join. But, if you want to hang around and continue our discussions regarding this brilliant game and universe, this may be just the way to do it. I'm going to leave an open invitation to those who would be interested in partaking: https://discord.gg/9EmDEJE

Regardless of what your choice will be, I hope you'll have a nice day despite the recent news. Cheers!

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