Minecraft will be Telltale's Swan Song.

Congratulations kids! You guys got a successful 1st season, an additional 3 episode expansion DLC, a second season and Telltale's final act as a company will be to bring the story of Minecraft to the Netflix streaming service. Not to mention Story Mode being Telltale's most profitable series in recent years!! You are officially the apex fanbase on these forums. I take a knee and salute to the clear victors of this community~

i kid i actually enjoyed my time with story mode fairly well and the times i came to this section were fun, it was overall a decent ride, take care all of you

EDIT: And now for an exclusive Talk with Telltale. Here is the true heart and soul of the company with comment on it's new diet plan~

lol :c


  • Actually, yeah, it was alright I guess.


  • 9 year old army coming through. Well done guys! ???

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    More seriously, i don't think anyone in the Minecraft story mode community is exited about Telltale bringing MCSM to Netflix streaming service.

  • I refuse to exist in this part of the forum

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    Tbh i wouldn't even surprised or mad if this thread appears in MCSM Forum.

    I know some of you feels that MCSM is too special. They've got 10 Episode (5 each season) and 3 additional episode for Season 1, and now they'll get the Netflix Adaptation of it. I know how it feels to have one unfinished, long waiting series, but instead they're doing another series that some of you might feels that it doesn't important, or even, didn't deserve the place in Telltale. But, let me remind you, starting war between two mega fanbase wouldn't fix anything.

    MCSM deserve the place too, like any other series. Although... ok, MCSM is too special. But, don't forget what's special from other series. TWD have a lot memorable character, they also have four season (which is, 19 Episodes, 5 each season except TWD FS, which only have 4 Episode, with no confirmation yet about episode 3 and 4) + additional stories (400 Days), and TFS still got Episode 2 today. What do you think MCSM have? MCSM ended up with having only 2 season, with no details about what happen to Jesse and the gang, redemption of the old villains, etc.

    And, if you think that MCSM players is mostly 9YO kid, you're wrong. It's a game for all audience. I don't care about your ages. If you want to give it a try, to ensure if this game suits you or not, it's not a problem at all. You liked it? go on. You feels that this game doesn't suits you? no problem. And if you hate it, leave the bandwagon peacefully. I don't want to force you to liked this game (recommends and forcing is different thing).

    And if you also think that i'm one of the '9YO army' that would probably get mad after seeing this thread, you're wrong. I don't even mad at you. After all, this has become the truth that they will make the netflix adaptation of MCSM, and not going to give the TWD fan any confirmation about Episode 3 and 4. But, i do still hope TWD will get what they deserve

  • Mmm...

    Nope, not mad at all

  • Why would I want to upset our little legion who ended up being Telltale's largest source of profit in their dying times? We should be thanking you for carrying Telltale as long as you could. :'(

    I'm not persecuting you or the rest of the fanbase lol I was hoping the bottom text would clear the air. A lot of you were clearly young when I visited here but still pretty pleasant to talk with, I don't have anything against you guys.

    If I sound condescending it's because I'm just ribbing ya. I played Minecraft when it was insanely popular and I did play MCSM and actually enjoyed my time with it. They were decent, that might sound like I'm brushing it off but when you compare that to how something like The Emoji Movie turned out that's all I could ask for. You could tell the team tried and I can respect that. The ghast boss fight in S2 is still one of my favorite Telltale moments, so I do think it has some high points.

    Have a good one :)

    Tbh i wouldn't even surprised or mad if this thread appears in MCSM Forum. I know some of you feels that MCSM is too special. They've got

  • I am proud to be part of the Cube Kids!!! >:( But seriously, it's a little ironic that the one game everyone wanted nothing to do with is the game that is going to end out the studio. (assuming TWDG doesn't get finished which I'm seeing more promise for it now than I have in the past three days)

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    Who wants to join my Christian Minecraft server, (SWEARING NOT ALLOWED!).

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    This ain't it Chief, we've got the real swan song coming up and taking its rightful place

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