• Even Adam Harrington agrees!

  • Please! I pray to God that Bigby’s story continues one way or another in some form!!!!

  • Im just hoping because Season 4 is possibly being saved it means Telltale might be bought out meaning someone will own the Wolf S2 license. Lets hope that even happens and lets hope its a competent developer.

  • I hope TellTale does make this game if they get a new publisher or something. I mean why do the people who want TellTale to turn their projects into games not give them any funds, they are making their projects more popular. How many of us read Fables because of TellTale's game? I haven't read any of the Fables comics until The Wolf Among Us was being released, they should give them a bit of money to assist with game development.

  • If They reveal the story - There will be basically no chance that the game will be ever made - If They don't reveal anything - We can still hope for some miracle to happen...

  • There is a game development studio called Big Bad Wolf they made a similar point & click game called The Council.

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