Dear Wolf Fans: What made this game so special to you?

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To all the Wolf fans: Why do you find this game so good? Was it the story, atmosphere or maybe the characters. Was it because you love the comics so much, or maybe cause you really like detective stories? Was it maybe cause off the artstyle? Or all off the above?


  • Pretty much everything you said. Everything about Wolf is what I really made me love it (which is kinda a boring answer but it takes too long to write all the good in Wolf)

  • Nailed it! I really enjoy the detective noir-style that surrounds around the fairy tales and taking them to a higher, adult level. The dynamics and drama between and among the characters are just phenomenal, especially fleshing them out. It's also cool how it feels like the player is virtually in the comic book themselves enjoying every beautiful art and detail. The music just suits the tone of this game so perfectly especially during tense, exciting, and quiet moments. This will always be my top favorite Telltale game and one of my favorite video games of all time!

  • It was a layer cake of things for me tbh. First and foremost was the music (that ominous music when you start up the game is forever ingrained in my head) then I was drawn in by the art style. Like Skywalk23 mentioned above, you truly feel like you're inside the comic when you play the game.

    Characters are great, dialogue is great, voice acting is great, action scenes are brilliant, story is gripping. What else can I say?

    I guess my love for the game was furthered when I read the Fables comics afterwards, they really add to the experience and vice versa.

  • Pretty much everything already listed. That and the fact that, after playing A New Frontier, I really felt like I was playing a Telltale game again.

  • Pretty much everything said here. Couldn't help but enjoy The Bloody Mary character though creepy bitch lol.

  • This game really changed me, everything made it amazing. However if i could pick one thing only it would be its atmosphere. The fairy tale feel is mixed in with mystery so well. I loved the characters, their chemistry were so unique and hearing them talk about other characters we don't see except in the comics expands the world so much. It made me want to read the comics and i'm so glad i did. I recommend the game to all of my friends and the comics as well. If your bummed out about there not being a season 2. The comics will help you out, 150 issues! with other side comics intertwined in the fairy tale epic!

  • first because of the comic! I was already buying the comics and was a big fan so when many years later the announced a game , I was ecstatic with joy! and I was not disappointed by the game. I loved seeing the familiar faces but really enjoy the many new characters. in the comic, no Tweedles or Bloody Mary for example.

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