Playing TWAU all the way through for the first time...

I bought TWAU right when it came out. I LOVED the first episode, and played it over and over. If you've been with TWAU since it's release, you know all the technical troubles that came with it. Waiting what, 6 months?, for episode 2, only to face even more difficulties when it was released. I remember being so frustrated because Steam had gotten the episode before this site did. And sure, they gave free steam keys to some of us, but for people like me, who purchased from Amazon or GOG (which directed us HERE), we weren't eligible for it.

Still, I waited (somewhat impatiently) for it to be available on here. But I STILL faced more troubles after it was finally available. I couldn't download it. I remember making a post on these forums, but no one had any answers. In the midst of all that, somewhere along the way, I gave up.

Years have passed and I never finished it. I would think about it every once in a while, but it wasn't until I received the dreadful news of TellTale's closing that I finally logged in here again. The feeling I get coming back on here is truly indescribable. It's like coming home. Seeing all of you still here after all these years, supporting each other, grieving together, it's really remarkable.

I'm on episode 4 of TWAU right now, and I'm so sad to know that S2 will probably never come to fruition. I'm angry at myself for waiting so long to experience this story, but I'm also thankful in a way. There will always be a magical feeling when you experience a TellTale game for the first time. The anticipation of what comes next, not yet knowing how your choices will affect the story...(Somehow I went all these years without being spoiled.) Not to mention, yelling at the screen because characters get pissed at you for not listening to them ONE time! (looking at you Snow.)

I just wanted to say, thank you. Not TellTale, you guys. For being my friends when I had none, for being one of the kindest communities I've ever come across. I've been looking at all the posts I made here back in 2013, and it brings me back to simpler times. This place was truly my childhood. Thank you.


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