Aggressive or goodie-two-shoes Wolf?

How did you play Bigby the first time you played? Do you think one way is more "canon" or, makes more sense for Bigby?

I'm getting so annoyed trying to play Good Wolf because no one gives a shit. I go out of my way to not rip arms off and whatever, and then the one time I don't have any other options besides kicking some ass, everyone thinks I'm a monster. Not to mention I really only played this way for Snow, but now she's mad at me for not burning that stupid tree. We can come back for it later, Snow! Chill out. I'll definitely be replaying and being as ruthless as possible.

Don't worry about spoilers, I'm almost done with the game so I won't look back at this thread until then.


  • I'm kind of in between. Not too nice and not too bad. If some characters are cool with me, I'm cool with them. But if they start trouble, I definitely won't be a doormat and start to show the true colors of the Big Bad Wolf that's for sure. I can definitely bet that's how Bigby's personality is truly shaped in the canon/comics.

  • I tried to find an appropriate middle ground between the cop who is terse about enforcing the law and the man who cares about fables enough to avoid making things too hard for them if it isn't necessary for the case.

  • I also tend to lean towards the middle between good and bad - mostly doing good, but not actively avoiding enforcing the law a bit too harshly.
    However, playing an asshole Bigby is just so satisfying at times... Really makes you feel like the Big Bad Wolf.

  • Don't forget you're a wolf infected with severe lyncantrophy. I was so scared that my Evil Bigby could get killed by anyone armed with silver bullet ammo I played nice Bigby but Snow didn't like it. You gotta Biiiiig. And you have to be bbaaaadd. Haha!

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    Just a tip, don't care too much about what snow says, make your own choices man. Shes a control freak. She will always get upset if you don't do it her way imo. As for my playthrough, I was something in the middle. For example I killed tweedle dum and tortured tweedle dee, however I did not burn the tree or tear grens arm off. I think the middle way is the best way because if your'e too agressive people won't see you as a protector of fable town and fear you but if your'e too soft people wont respect your rules and walk over you, not taking you serious.

  • I played an aggressive Wolf who was clearly trying his best to overcome his nature but was constantly on the edge and would have outbursts, which then climaxed at the finale, where he was sick of playing by others rules and getting nowhere and went full Wolf. Really satisfying way to play.

  • I always do what I call a "Hero" playthrough first where I make the most good choices I can. I did the same with the Walking Dead. I feel like the two areas where I really felt like I went out of my way not to cause trouble is when I refused to torture Tweedle Dee and I didn't smash any of Georgie's place with the paddle or hit him. I didn't hit Gren either, but he still turned into a monster on me :(

    Usually when games give you prompts, you'll automatically do the "thing" they're prompting you to do without thinking, "Yeah but what if I... don't?"

    During those parts, it felt like the game kept nudging me to do the 'bad' things and for the 'hero' playthrough, I kept actively refusing.

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