Creating Fan Made Season 3 Story Builder/Season Manifesto

So I am thinking of creating a text only Story Builder (like the one WD FS got) and of things go well then maybe my take on how I reckon a third and final season would go within a manifesto or something. So I am curious about what choices and decisions over both two seasons you would want to be included and impact the final season if there was one... feel free to give out some suggestions!


    • Vigilante or Villain Joker and whether you are friends or enemies
    • Helped Freeze or not
    • If Tiffany is your protege or not
    • If Avesta came to work for you or not
    • If Gordon is unemployed, solo, or reinstated as commissioner
    • Gave up Batman or gave up Alfred
  • Vengfulkenny forgot to include one other thing that is of significance in their list.

    An that is Bruce Wayne/Batman's relationship with Selina Kyle/Catwoman throughout season 1 and season 2.

    As far as

    Whether he saved her instead of Harvey
    What reason he gave for saving her (because he has feelings/he didn't give a reason/he needs her as a ally)
    Whether he slept with her or not
    Whether he considered her more than a thief or not
    Whether he warned her about Gordon or not (and if they became romantically involved)
    Whether he took the fall for the laptop or let her take the fall for the laptop
    (Villain path) Whether he trusted her with the key or not and what he had Waller do with her (clear her criminal record/keep her out of Gotham/keep her as an asset)
    (Vigilante) Whether he had Waller release her when making the deal ontop of GCPD HQ and if she saved him after the roof exploded what he said to her before they parted ways (that he loved her/to come with him/to get out of Gotham)

    Something else I personally would like to add and this depends on if your planning on having her as either a villain or the main villain of the season and that is the return of Lady Arkham aka Vicki Vale.

    An if you are planning on having her return then you would need to include all of the key interactions that Bruce Wayne/Batman had with her in season 1.

    For example

    Their first meeting and what was said
    If Bruce gave Vicki a quote after news of his families ties to the mob first came out
    If he gave Vicki the data on Falcone instead of Gordon and why he did it (because he needed an ally/to take down Falcone/not giving a reason)
    Him calling her to arrange a meeting in Cobblepot park
    His first meeting with Lady Arkham at the Sky train depo
    Vicki revealing her true identity to him at the press confrence
    Discovering Vicki's past with his family from John Doe as well as how she was treated by the Vales
    Vicki's kidnapping of Alfred
    Batman confronting Vicki in Arkham asylum and whether or not he revealed his true face to her or attacked her.

    Obviously the same would go for if your planning on having Harvey/Two Face and or Oswald/Penguin come back in this then obviously you would need to include Bruce/Batman's past dealings with both of those characters.

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