(Episode 3) How would you torture Abel?

Don't worry about AJ or the other kids, they won't know anything unless you want them to. So how would you do it?

I would do something like this...

Maybe cut his remaining fingers of.
Leave him alone with Rose fore a bit.
Make him eat dirt and drink bleach.
Or maybe hammer in a walker tooth in his shoulder.


  • I wouldn't torture him. I'm better than that.

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    My interrogation in progress.

  • I'd go find the horse that ran off. Use it to rip off his remaining arm. Then I'd tie him to the horse and send it into the woods.

    No need to be cruel.

  • It sounds a little sadistic this , I wouldn't toture him either as the odds of a handful of kids taking on adults with machine guns if they found out where they went is long, I'd just move from the school before they come back ...... But because the game won't have this option ..torture ! And AJ talking to him ! xD

  • Take omar back so he can cook him

  • That made me think: Omar probably won't be a soldier, rather he'll be another cook. Interesting.

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    Take omar back so he can cook him

  • I know this may sound brutal but I'll force him to play Walking Dead Michonne.

  • You monster.

    I know this may sound brutal but I'll force him to play Walking Dead Michonne.

  • I wouldn't torcher him, there are other options to get it information out of him.

    But if push comes to shove I will give AJ dibs and let him take care of things from there.

  • The most I would have clem do is press down on his broken leg with her boot. His double barrel and that other guys M1 carbine should be nearby...shoot his other arm?

  • I dont think he can handle much torture in his current state and, even if he would, I dont think is an optimal method of making him talk: The ugly sod has shown to have high tolerance to pain

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    Here we go..

    Clem would rip his eyeball out, then put it in her mouth and start chewing it till it would become some sort of a slime, after that, she spits it on her finger... and starts to draw YU DED BRO with that slime on the ground, and finally Clem orders AJ to do his thing and he's like ROGER ROGER and then Abel is ded :)

    In all seriousness though, If we get a choice.. I'll spare him ;)

  • If they´d change truth or dare into truth or torture it could be a fun experience for everyone.

  • I'll smash a bottle of whiskey on his head, steal his money, burn him with a cigar, and punch him in the face repeatedly.

  • "I gonna punch him in the DICK"

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    Damn, son...

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    "I gonna punch him in the DICK"

  • For those who want to kill straight-up Abel, remember that like 90% of us told AJ not to hurt people who aren't threats anymore. Seems like a good way to make Clem look like a hypocrite

  • You'd actually make your Clem do that to someone? My Clem is hardcore but she has compassion. Lee thought her to always forgive and love. My Lee rescued Ben after all his fuck ups. My Lee even let Lilly on the bus. Clem remembers.

    Here is one of my favorite quotes.

    Lee: Look, Ben's a good kid. He means well. He keeps trying to help, but every time he does he winds up putting the rest of us in even more trouble. What happened to Katjaa and Duck, he feels responsible for that. And the fact is, he's right. He was.

    Clem: But you still saved him.

    Lee: Yeah. I still saved him.

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    Well... we can't exactly have our only bargaining chip and source of information bleeding out on us can we? So... naturally I will start by heating up a piece of metal (using the fire from the admin building he so generously provided for us) after the metal is heated I would apply it to his wounds (gently of course) to stop the bleeding. After the bleeding has stopped I would continue to apply the metal to his skin until he starts talking. If that's not enough to get him to talk, I'll chop the head off of a living walker and slowly move it towards him until he starts talking. I would keep him alive though, I'm sure he would love to introduce us to all of the wonderful people of the Delta!

  • telltale is so funny. they made abel and were in the writers' room like fuck this guy in particular :D my abel has both arms, (yeah I let him take some food cause I thought pushing him wouldn't work) leg practically broken the fuck off, lighthouse in the eye, sliced hand, foot stabbed, broken nuts (thx AJ) and Rosie got herself a piece of that bastard too, good gurl B) he's tough tho I just wanna kill him already for the luls I wanna torture his boss more if anything

  • If I have to do anything with Abel, it'll be to put him down quick and clean. While it might not have occurred to Clementine yet, it's not like there aren't other options to finding their camp. If he hadn't been so violent in Ep2, and had been more like the man I met in Ep1 I'd have had Ruby treat the man so he'd get better.

    Even if they covered their initial retreat with fire, they used a horse and cart to haul the kids. That tends to leave a trail. There's also the option of looking for James, and seeing if he'd be willing to lead them to the camp.

  • I would [Glass Him]

  • I wouldn't really torture him, maybe hit him once or twice. Or my moral side will totally get in the way and I will just do nothing. But right now I feel like beating him up atleast a bit.

  • id just hit him a bit and threaten him with doing worse until he spoke. ((Althought id never actually go farther than that.))

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