the wolf among us is now 5 years old :')


  • Another year, another annual thread. Except this one is very melancholic for obvious reasons :/

    Still, happy bday TWAU. You shall never be forgotten.

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    Happy birthday Wolf!

    It's funny how I recently started playing TWAU again.
    The gameplay/storyline etc are just as good as when I first played it.

  • HapPy BiRthDAy GuYs hAhA nOt mUcH LonGeR UnTil SeASon TWo

  • Happy birthday to my favorite video game ever!

    If I had the money, I would have started my own video game company and hired all the telltale staff and voice actors (who used to work at telltale) and make sure this game gets at least another season!

  • Really depressing..dont really care much about TWD after S1 but this was my favourite Telltale game and now a sequel will never happen


  • Why would you celebrate the birthday of a corpse?

    Ha ha... ha

    @Poogers555 your avatar reflects my soul and the pain doesn't stop :'(

  • This is nothing but a bad birthday homie.....HOW CAN U BE HAPPY IF S2 IS IN HELL RN ?

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