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It's probably way too late, and probably not too many people are going to read this, but since finishing the game, and especially since hearing about Telltale shutting down, thus destroying any chance of a sequel, I've been thinking about the story of House Forrester. At first, I wrote an outline for what happened after the fall of Ironrath, but now, after learning more about the ASOIAF universe, and reading some criticisms about the game, I've decided to write a plot outline of how I would rewrite the game story, using elements from both the books and the TV show.

This first post is a prelude/setup, setting up some plot points and motivations while changing others. It's also a taste/offering, to see what people think. Depending on what feedback I get, if any, I'll write the rest up when I can.


  • House Whitehill originally worshipped the Old Gods, but when House Manderly established White Harbor, the Lord Whitehill of the time, hoping to ingratiate himself with them for sole control of the Ironwood trade (and possibly a marriage alliance), nominally converted to the Faith of the Seven.

  • At first, the Whitehills provided the Manderlys with more Ironwood and Ironwood products than House Forrester. But as time passed, not only did the Forresters produce better quality products, but the Whitehills had used up all of their Ironwood trees without planting more. To try to put an end to the feud and humble the Lords Forrester and Whitehill, the Lord Stark of the time placed their houses under Houses Glover and Bolton respectively. Some members of House Whitehill took their conversion to the Faith more seriously than others, and in time they converted for good.

  • Gregor Forrester and Elissa Branfield met and fell in love during a visit by the Branfields to White Harbor, hence why a noblewoman from the Crownlands married a Northern lord. During Robert’s Rebellion, Malcolm and Elissa had heard of Robert Baratheon’s forgiving nature towards his enemies, but after their brothers were killed at the Battles of Summerhall and their father executed by King Aerys II, they decided the North would be safer. The Branfield lands were granted by King Aerys to one Rickard Morgryn, who he thought would be more loyal to the crown.

  • House Glenmore was given their lands on the Rillwater Crossing by House Ryswell to defend again Ironborn reavers. They’ve attempted, and are continuing to attempt, to make use of their strategic position to gain wealth and power by any means necessary while avoiding the wrath of their liege lords.

  • Instead of being beyond the Wall, the North Grove is now in the Northern mountains between Winterfell (and Ironrath) and the Wall. Since the Whitehills consider the mountain clansmen savages and their lands worthless, they’ve never considered the possibility of the North Grove being there.

  • Instead of living beyond the Wall, Josera and Elsera Snow live in the North. To remove the taint of bastardy, Josera has changed his name to “Frost”, though many still refer to him as “Snow”. Josera serves in the Ironrath garrison, and as an envoy to the Northern mountain clans, while Elsera works as a woods witch, providing aid to those Maester Ortengryn can’t (or won’t).

  • Like Catelyn Stark, Elissa Branfield initially resented Josera and Elsera, but unlike Catelyn, Elissa grew to trust and even like them.

  • Asher’s storyline still takes place in Essos, but in Myr, Pentos and Braavos instead of Meereen.

  • Mira’s storyline takes place in White Harbor instead of King’s Landing.

  • Cotter is now an unacknowledged bastard son of Gerion Lannister. Sylvi is still Cotter’s brother, but is now a dragonseed, a bastard of Valyrian origin (either Velaryon or Celtigar). Fearing that her daughter might be mistaken for a Targaryen, Cotter’s mother abandoned her in the ruins of Oldstones. Cotter, disgusted, stayed with and raised his sister.

  • After murdering the lording who caught him sleeping with his wife, Finn, instead of being caught and sent to the Wall, is now on the run and looking to profit from the chaos caused by the war.

  • Sera is now Serra Manderly, daughter of Marlon Manderly, Lord Wyman’s cousin and captain of the guard.

  • Harys is now Harys Warrick, Master-At-Arms of Highpoint and father of Britt Warrick.

  • Lord Garibald Tarwick is now a Westerman lord who lost his family and lands during the Greyjoy Rebellion and given refuge at Rillwater Crossing. Garibald had once hoped to marry Lynesse Hightower until Jorah Mormont won her hand. He still considers himself the better choice, especially after meeting Lynesse once during his travels.

  • Andros is now Andros Whitehill, younger brother of Ludd and castellan of Highpoint.

  • Karl Whitehill, as the eldest son and heir to Highpoint, was pushed into becoming a warrior by his father, much like Rodrik Forrester. Karl was a reluctant warrior at first, and since he couldn’t blame his father, he blamed Rodrik, and later turned his anger on Gryff after his mother died in childbirth. In 297 AC, Karl contracted greyscale, to the shock and horror of his family. In agony from failed treatment upon failed treatment, Karl made his own choice and threw himself from the battlements of Highpoint. His death was officially labelled as madness caused by greyscale. In his grief, Ludd became convinced that the Forresters infected Karl, and blames them for his death.

  • Ebbert Whitehill was the peacemaker between his siblings, breaking up quarrels between Torrhen and Gwyn. When their mother died in childbirth, Ebbert found solace in books. Unlike his brothers, who verbally and physically tormented Gryff, Ebbert simply ignored him. Eventually, Ebbert announced his intention to become a maester, to the intense displeasure of his father. Ebbert finally convinced his father by telling him that the Citadel may have knowledge on Ironwood which could help them against the Forresters. Ludd consented, and Ebbert travelled to Oldtown. Since, then he has completed his chain. While he has no inclination to return to the North, he regularly writes to his family.

  • Torrhen Whitehill is the latest of many hostages sent to House Bolton to ensure their good behaviour. Unlike before, Torrhen was personally chosen by Roose Bolton when he noticed the boy’s cruelty. Under the Leech Lord’s tutelage, Torrhen has turned his cruelty into cunning and a drive to improve the fortunes of his family by any means necessary. There are even whispers that he caused the death of his eldest brother in order to inherit Highpoint.

Any thoughts? Feedback is greatly appreciated, as long as it's civil and/or constructive.


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    Having updated the first post, I've finally gotten around to writing the rest of the rewrite outline in a way which, I think, might be satisfying. Note that some of these stories would occur concurrently with each other.

    Warning - long post!
    Main story

    Gared’s story:

    • After the Red Wedding and the deaths of Lord Gregor, Rodrik and most of the Forrester levy, Gared Tuttle initially heads for the Kingsroad but finds it full of Lannister and Tyrell soldiers.

    • Panicking, Gared ends up at the ruins of Oldstones. There, he encounters Finn, who tries to take the Forrester greatsword. A fight breaks out, which ends when both of them are caught and knocked out by Cotter and Sylvi.

    • When Cotter tries to take the Forrester greatsword, Gared pleads with him to give it back, telling them about the Red Wedding and his promise to Lord Gregor. Cotter and Finn are horrified by the horrendous breach of guest right, while Sylvi doesn’t care for the rules of nobles. Cotter reminds her that guest right applies to everyone, and with the (numerous) Freys now allied with the Lannisters, the Riverlands are now more dangerous than ever. At least, more dangerous than the North.

    • Cotter gives Gared the Forrester greatsword back in exchange for his promise to take them with him to Ironrath. Finn, on the run for murdering a lordling after sleeping with his wife, bullies his way in as well. They head for Seagard, seat of House Mallister, where Lord Galbart Glover and Lady Maege Mormont had been sent to travel up the Neck.

    • The group arrives at Seagard, along with several other refugees, just as a Frey host, led by “Black” Walder Frey, arrives to besiege the town. Lord Jason Mallister resists at first, but surrenders when “Black” Walder threatens to hang his son and heir, Patrek. Fortunately, the group manages to find passage on a ship heading to the Rillwater Crossing…

    • The group arrives at Rillwater Crossing, hearing discontent and grumbles from the smallfolk and soldiers about their lord, Wendel Glenmore, and his perceived cowardice in the face of the Boltons and Whitehills.

    • Gared isn’t sure if House Glenmore can be trusted, since Elaena Glenmore was betrothed to Rodrik Forrester before the Red Wedding. Cotter, under the assumption that nobles are self-serving arseholes, thinks it might be better to keep moving to Ironrath.

    • Just before they can leave, Gared, Cotter and Sylvi are captured by Glenmore soldiers. Finn is revealed to have sold them out.

    • On his way to collect his reward, Finn spies on a meeting between Andros Whitehill, arranging a marriage either between Elaena Glenmore and Gryff Whitehill or between Damon Glenmore and Gwyn Whitehill. Though his suspicions of the Whitehills having the upper hand are seemingly confirmed, Finn begins to feel remorse for his actions.

    • Later, the trio are released by Elaena, Arthor and Larence, along with Lord Tarwick and the Glenmore’s elite guard of archers. During the escape, Cotter is wounded in the shoulder, while Finn sacrifices himself to buy the group time to escape.

    • When he learns of the escape, Lord Wendel flies into a rage and suffers a heart attack, confining him to his bed. Damon Glenmore, uncertain of which way the Forrester-Whitehill feud will go, especially after ravens stop coming from Ironrath, has his father smothered with a pillow. The new Lord Glenmore then sends a raven to the Dreadfort, and has his mother placed under house arrest…

    Ironrath story:

    • In the North, the feud between House Forrester and House Whitehill, put on hold after Ned Stark’s execution, flares up again when news of the Red Wedding trickles back. House Whitehill had sent fewer troops south than House Forrester, with Lord Ludd Whitehill saying that it would be to defend against wildlings and other invaders. While his claim is validated after the Ironborn invasion and the Sack of Winterfell, the private reason is Ludd’s paranoid fear that the Forresters would attack his seat of Highpoint.

    • Ludd, delighted to hear of Gregor’s death and hoping to win favour with Roose Bolton, sends his soldiers to attack outlying villages sworn to the Forresters, with explicit orders to kill everyone to maintain plausible deniability. One of these raids, led by Britt Warrick, the son of Highpoint’s Man-At-Arms, Harys Whitehill, ends in the deaths of Gared’s father and sister.

    • Josera Frost and Elsera Snow, who had been visiting the Tuttle farm at the time, fight off Britt and kill two of his men. During the fight, Britt lets slip what happened at the Twins.

    • Josera and Elsera tell Lady Elissa what happened. Lord Gregor’s third son, Ethan, is named the new Lord of Ironrath, and it is decided that Josera should be sent to the Wall, even though he did nothing wrong. Elsera decides to go with him.

    • As they leave, Talia gives them her necklace and a folded piece of paper as she says goodbye.

    • The Forresters are first met by Ludd Whitehill, who demands justice for the deaths of his men and is outraged to hear that Josera and Elsera are gone. He leaves swearing that Roose Bolton will hear of how he was denied justice.

    • Later, the Forresters are met again by Ludd Whitehill, this time accompanied by Aenys and Hosteen Frey, Aenys’ grandson Robert, Hosteen’s granddaughter Ryella, and their cousin Zia. Ethan manages to negotiate with the Freys so that they only lose half of their Ironwood trees instead of all of them. Aenys says that he is glad that they could come to an agreement and says that such an agreement should be arranged with in marriage – Ethan, Talia and Ryon to Zia, Robert and Ryella respectively.

    • The Forresters protest, but Aenys says that he wasn’t asking. Talia vehemently objects, and when Hosteen moves to strike her, Ethan pulls her out of his way. Enraged, Hosteen draws his sword and cuts off Ethan’s right hand.

    • A Whitehill garrison is installed under Ludd’s youngest son, Gryff, and his master-at-arms, Harys Warrick. Ryon is taken captive by the Freys and given to Ludd as a “ward”.

    • Ethan becomes depressed over the loss of his hand and his failure to protect Talia and Ryon, and shows little interest in consummating his marriage to Zia Frey. Zia disparagingly remarks that she’d expected to marry a lord, but had married a Maester instead.

    • Ethan’s depression leaves him vulnerable to bullying by Robert Frey, and he has to be helped by Talia, who is frustrated that he isn’t standing up for himself.

    • A corpse cart arrives at Ironrath carrying the bodies of Gregor and Rodrik Forrester, the latter of whom turns out to be still alive. To Zia’s dismay and anger, Ethan abdicates as lord. Frustrated that she’ll never get to be Lady of Ironrath, she begins sleeping with Gryff Whitehill.

    • Events continue much as they do in the original game, except for the presence of the Freys. Rodrik succeeds in his betrothal to Elaena Glenmore and Gwyn tells Rodrik that she wants peace between their houses and that there is a traitor in the Forrester household.

    • At Gregor’s funeral, Gwyn Whitehill tells Rodrik that Ryon and Ryella are getting along well, but that Ryon is worried that his family has forgotten about him and is starting to believe the lies he is being fed by Ludd.

    • After seeing Rodrik’s weakness, Robert Frey turns his attention to attacking him. In response, Talia grabs a knife and slashes Robert across the face, leaving a nasty scar.

    • Seeing Rodrik stand up to Gryff reawakens Ethan’s resolve. Realising how he has neglected Zia, he goes to apologise to her and work out their betrothal, but he finds her in bed with Gryff.

    • Elaena arrives with Arthor, Larence, Lord Tarwick and the Glenmore elite guard, as well as Gared, Cotter and Sylvi. By now, Cotter’s wound has become too much to bear, and he has to be given the gift of mercy.

    • In the great hall, Rodrik finds Gryff, Robert and their soldiers beating Ethan for being “a perverted little shit”, and Maester Ortengryn for allegedly letting a bite Robert suffered from Talia fester. The Glenmore soldiers surround the Whitehills, shooting Harys in the head when he tries to attack.

    • In his shock and anger at seeing Rodrik and Elaena together, Gryff blurts out that Elaena is betrothed to him. Zia is enraged, as Gryff had told her he would marry her instead.

    • Rodrik beats Gryff nearly to death, jabbing out his left eye in the process. Gryff, Zia, Robert and the surviving soldiers are placed in the dungeons. Zia begs for mercy from Rodrik and from Ethan, but her betrothed remains silent, just as she remained silent when Gryff was beating him.

    • Sylvi, despite mocking Talia for having an easy life, admires her toughness and forms an odd friendship with her.

    • Lord Tarwick offers to train Ethan in the Braavosi water dance style of combat. Ethan accepts.

    • Ludd invites Rodrik to Highpoint to discuss a truce, which Rodrik accepts. Ser Royland and Arthor advocate taking the Glenmore archers with him for protection, but Duncan Tuttle and the paranoid Larence think they should stay at Ironrath in case of an attack. Ultimately, Rodrik decides to leave the archers at Ironrath, both to protect against an attack and to lull Ludd into a false sense of security.

    • At Highpoint, Rodrik reveals that he has taken Gryff hostage and negotiates an exchange on neutral ground – Gryff and Zia for Ryon and Ryella.

    • Rodrik returns to Ironrath to find the Glenmore soldiers gone and the gates open. Then he enters the great hall to find Talia dining with Torrhen Whitehill.

    • Torrhen reveals that he was sent by Roose Bolton himself to “clean up his father’s mess”. The Glenmore guards refused to leave until Torrhen brought word of Lord Wendel’s death, and that, as per tradition, they were bound to return to Rillwater Crossing to protect their new lord.

    • Though the guards were honour-bound, Arthor refused to leave and Larence was nowhere to be found. Torrhen shows Arthor having been flayed alive.

    • After Torrhen leaves with Robert, Gared, Sylvi, Ethan, Larence and Lord Tarwick emerge from hiding and identify the traitor – Maester Ortengryn.

    • Ortengryn admits his guilt, saying that he did what he thought was best for House Forrester, and that Rodrik’s defiance would get them all killed. Despite calls for his death, Rodrik spares Ortengryn when he mentions that Asher and his sellswords are in danger. Rodrik realises why Torrhen spared his life.

    Josera & Elsera’s Story:

    • The necklace and folded piece of paper turn out to be a compass and a map showing the way to the hidden North Grove.

    • Josera and Elsera follow the map until they find the North Grove. En route, Josera finds and bonds with a snow bear, exhibiting his warg abilities for the first time.

    • After the grove is found, the twins debate how to protect it and what to do with their discovery until they are approached by mountain clansmen…

    Mira’s Story:

    • Mira is serving as a cupbearer to Lord Wyman Manderly and a companion to his granddaughters, Wynafryd and Wylla, and their cousin, Serra, when Rhaegar, Symond and Jared Frey arrive at White Harbor. Also with them is Symond’s eldest son, Alesander Frey, a noted singer.

    • Upon noticing Mira, Symond suggests that she be wed to Alesander. Lord Manderly asks if Roose Bolton and Ludd Whitehill would not object, to which Symond replies that Roose Bolton wouldn’t have the North if it weren’t for House Frey. Besides which, he doubts Lord Bolton would object if the eldest female heir of a Stark loyalist family was married off to a family who has proven their loyalty to House Bolton and the Crown.

    • After witnessing the arrest of Lord Davos Seaworth, then seeing his tarred head and hands, as well as spending some time with Alesander, Mira begins to take her betrothal seriously.

    • Lord Manderly’s surviving son and heir, Wylis, is returned home. Accompanying him is Rickard Morgryn, a lord from the Crownlands and a frequent customer of White Harbor and Forrester ironwood. His presence arouses surprise and suspicion since he himself has never travelled North before.

    • Wyman Manderly gives the elder Freys palfreys as guest gifts before they head off for Ramsay Bolton’s wedding to “Arya Stark”. Alesander is left behind as a spy under the guise of illness.

    • Rickard Morgryn tries to convince Mira that, with everything that’s happened to her family, that a marriage would be the best way out for her, but she can and should do better than a Frey.

    • Alesander becomes distressed when he hears that his father, uncle and cousin have disappeared en route to Barrowton. Alesander tells Mira that he’s no fool, that he knows that people hate the Freys for the Red Wedding. He tells Mira that he’s going to get out of Westeros and head to Braavos, where his mother and brother reside, and if she were smart, she’d come with him.

    • Ultimately, Mira chooses duty and family over love and wishes Alesander luck.

    • When Mira tells Morgryn of her choice and offers to be his bride, he is delighted. Before they can formally wed, Whitehill-Frey forces arrive. Morgryn then locks her in a room, planning to marry her and take Ironrath no matter what.

    Asher’s Story:

    • Asher and Beskha are currently in Myr under the employ of the Wolf Pack, a sellsword company founded by Northmen after the Dance of the Dragons.

    • The Wolf Pack is residing near the Free City of Myr, which is on the verge of war with its rivals, Tyrosh and Lys. Lys has hired a sellsword company called the Lost Legion, whom Asher and Beskha had run into during their time in Volantis.

    • Asher and Beskha are found by Malcolm Branfield, who tells them about what’s happened in Westeros. Despite still being sore over his exile, Asher agrees to help his family, and Beskha decides to help him.

    • After earning some gold, Asher and Beskha try to convince the Wolf Pack to aid House Forrester, but they are told that another sellsword company, the famed Golden Company, has broken its’ contract with Myr, and the Wolf Pack is being hired to replace them.

    • Heading to Pentos and then Braavos, Asher, Beskha and Malcolm decide to try hiring the Company of the Rose, a sellsword company founded by Northmen who refused to bend the knee to Aegon the Conqueror. It is now made up of their descendants, as well as younger Westerosi and Essosi.

    • The trio manages to hire the Company of the Rose by promising them not only money but a chance to gain (or regain) land in the North, especially now that the Targaryens are gone.

    • While in Braavos, Asher encounters Alesander Frey, only sparing his life after he tells them what happened to Mira. Alesander begs to come with them back to Westeros, wanting to help Mira.

    The Battle for Ironrath:

    • Wylis Manderly, left as regent in his father’s name, is forced to let the Whitehill-Frey soldiers into White Harbor, but tricks and delays them long enough for Asher, Beskha, Malcolm, Alesander and the sellswords to disembark and meet up with Rodrik.

    • In the struggle, Morgryn is killed by Mira and Serra and Gryff is killed by Asher.

    • The Forresters and their allies escape White Harbor back to Ironrath, but at the cost of many sellswords and Malcolm.

    • Ludd, Andros and Torrhen lay siege to Ironrath, forcing Ryon to display his uncle’s severed head on a pike. Ludd and Andros then take Ryon back to their camp, leaving Torrhen to lead an assault.

    • Rodrik tasks Lord Tarwick, Duncan and Alesander with protecting Ethan, Talia and Mira, and tasks Asher and Ser Royland with leading the siege while he goes to rescue Ryon.

    • During the siege, Rodrik, Beskha and some of the sellswords sneak into the Whitehills’ camp, setting their horses loose as a distraction. Ludd orders Andros to kill Ryon. As the sellswords attack the soldiers, Rodrik duels, defeats and kills Ludd while Beskha rescues Ryon and kills Andros.

    • Rodrik, Beskha and the sellswords return just as the Whitehills break into Ironrath.

    • Britt attacks Gared alone; taunting him about the deaths of his family, but is overcome and killed by Gared.

    • Against Torrhen's orders, Robert Frey sneaks into Ironrath during the battle and tries to kill Talia, but is beaten by Ethan and killed by Sylvi.

    • In the battle, both Duncan Tuttle and Ser Royland die fighting.

    • Larence Glenmore is killed by Torrhen while trying to avenge his brother’s death.

    • Rodrik duels Torrhen and almost loses before Elissa stabs him in the back. Torrhen turns and stabs her in the stomach, but he is distracted long enough for Rodrik to kill him.

    • The Whitehill soldiers, dismayed at Torrhen’s death, are broken by the arrival of the Glenmore army, led by a remorseful Lord Damon Glenmore.

    • News of the Whitehill defeat is sent to Highpoint. When Rodrik and Asher ride there, they find that Gwyn has taken over as Lady of Highpoint, released Ryella and had Zia imprisoned.

    • Gwyn and Asher reveal that they still have feelings for each other, but Gwyn is uncertain about how the people of Highpoint will feel about her marrying a Forrester. To that, Asher replies that, with the death of his mother and uncle, as the second son, he could take up the mantle and name of House Branfield. And so it is arranged.

    • Later, they hear rumours that Torrhen’s wife, “Fair” Walda Frey, is pregnant with Torrhen’s child back at the Dreadfort, and Zia reveals that she is pregnant with Gryff’s child.


    • Rodrik is informed of riders approaching bearing the standards of House Glover and of Stannis Baratheon. Among their number are Josera and Elsera. When told that conflicting stories about what happened between the Forresters and the Whitehills have been heard, and asked how they will respond to a summons by Lord Robett and Lady Sybelle, Rodrik replies “Tell them the North remembers. Tell them winter came for House Whitehill”.

    • Years later, after the war, Ethan Forrester travels to the Citadel to study. There, he meets and befriends a Maester named Ebbert, formely of House Whitehill…

    Any thoughts? Once more, feedback is greatly appreciated, as long as it's civil and/or constructive.

  • Very interesting especially considering we may never get a proper resolution to the actual story.

  • Thanks. Anything you particularly like or dislike?

    Very interesting especially considering we may never get a proper resolution to the actual story.

  • Creative! I like it.

  • Thanks. Glad you liked it.

    Dan10 posted: »

    Creative! I like it.

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