I dont like Snow White

Don't get me wrong shes cute (not rlly) But i do not like her because shes always so mean and pacifist like jeez lady! and she really has too calm down. No wonder why everyone wanted to make Bigby decide the Crooked mans fate when they got him alive, because probably everyone hates her and btw The people i killed deserved it and she really wants to be treated like a leader and wants everyone sent to the barn, idk about you guys but i don't like Snow and i understand if you do but in my opinion i don't like her.


  • I can sorta see your perspective, but Snow wasn't being mean or pacifistic so much as actually aiming to abide by the law system they set but failed to live up to for so long.
    Hell, she orders for Greenleaf's tree to be burnt and straight up gutpunches Crane. Okay, that first one was a little much, but she had her reasoning/pretense for it.
    And on the other hand, she extends a supportive hand to Holly despite the troll's initial bitterness towards her(which earns her the right to speak at her Lilly's funeral and later vouching of Snow's intentions during trial, depending on how it goes), gets along well with TJ, and even feels some degree of merciful pity for Crane despite clearly hating him even more.

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    She's supposed to be like this,to take the lead and shit,i do not like it either and she can be really annoying sometimes but yeah i get why she's like this,i think it's even worse in the comics but i'm not sure.

  • Snow seems unpleasant, but she has a very good heart and clearly cares about Fabletown (and Bigby). She wants the best for these people, but they don't exactly make it easy for her to help them.
    The thing with Bigby is... he's supposed to be sheriff first. I understand why Snow doesn't want him to kill people, it's a thin ice, because it's rather hard to gain Fables' trust and make something fine of the town after years of Crane's rule. Also Snow has a very difficult past, so it's not surprising she's rather distanced and cold sometimes. She may not always be right, but she truly tries.

    I mean, it's fine if you don't like her, I can see why, I just wanted to point some things out, because many people tend to dislike her and treat her like she were one dimensional character while she's not.

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