Is there any chance of Skybound Games resurrecting GoT Season 2?

No one's really put this question forward here on the forum (and from the looks of things, it probably won't be answered anyway), but could Skybound resuscitate GoT the same way they resuscitated TWD: TFS? More so than any of the other games Telltale produced, the first season ended on an actual cliffhanger, and there's still plenty of demand for new "Game of Thrones" material, especially now that so many fans were dissatisfied by how the TV series ended. Just imagine how AMAZING a new chapter of the House Forrester saga could be if set after the events of "The Iron Throne."


  • Probably not.

  • GoT-FAN: So, are you guys releasing season 2 anytime soon, or...?

    PETE HAWLEY: Nah, we're waiting till the show ends before we go ahead with that.

    GoT-FAN: Oh, okay. I guess I can wait. It's not like I want this to be ru -

    PETE HAWLEY: Psyche!! Our whole company just crashed! Joke's on you, nerd! Haaaaahahahaha!!

  • Skybound has no interest in the series. And I think the same goes for HBO, which sucks because they were on a big contract with telltale.

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