One year ago this month

One year ago this month the walking dead the final season was released and shortly after episode 2 was released in september was the last telltale game/episode ever produced as telltale went bust the ip now owned by skybound games so long telltale you been great


  • Damn, has it been that long already?

  • TWAU 2 was only going to be 3 episodes though

  • Better than nothing tbh..

    TWAU 2 was only going to be 3 episodes though

  • Wolf 2 is hard for me. One hand Im really sad we wont see it, but on the other I cant help but feel like they'd fuck it up.

    I mean it was 3 episodes with almost no budget, it feels like it was made as a pipe dream and only announced to get people to pay attention to Telltale again. With the way Telltale was going I cant help but feel its story would have sucked or would be badly directed.

    (like has anyone else noticed later Telltale games dropped a lot of the main characters character growth and focused scenes? Episode 1 Bigby going to his apartment and we see how he lives set a huge atmosphere and let us get to understand him right away in a natural way, and then we speak to just 1 other person, contrast with other Telltale games that dont bother with these character focused scenes that much)

    Better than nothing tbh..

  • Problem is the games got attention on social media like yt and such but people didn't buy they just watched someone else playing it and knew what the story was and because of TT laziness these past years there wasn't variety in story branching for people to get the game and get another experience from it, besides the formula was overused and people got bored of it so they just watched people on YouTube play it and didn't bother to spend money on the same thing just another skin.

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    I wouldn't take that as legit information, soon after the articles came out about it being supposedly 3 Episodes long, Stephen J. McManus, a Telltale Veteran who was working on the project, spoke out and said that the information being passed out is far from the truth.

    He made this tweet many months ago: "You will find very little accurate information about what was actually happening on the Wolf Among Us Season 2 project in the recent spate of Telltale post mortem articles. And I don’t care to correct it at this time, only want to point out it is mostly incorrect."

    TWAU 2 was only going to be 3 episodes though

  • You're going to be living forever.

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