"Channel 4" Episode Discussion

So, I was in Australia, so I didn't make episode discussions for most of Fear Season 5.

Well, it's back now, and I'm not sure if anyone still watches this show, but for old time's sake, here it is. Let me know what you think about Fear Season 5? It's definitely better than Fear Season 4, but not perfect. Here's to hoping. I can't dump this show at this point.

Comment before (psych), while, and after you watch.


  • I stopped watching when Travis died. Is it any good past that point?

  • Worst episode ever

  • Season 3's amazing (except for that part where Travis die) and made the main show look like absolute shit in comparison then good ol' Gimple came in and rebooted the show for no reasons and now it's shit.

    S3 is still worth watching though.

    Melton23 posted: »

    I stopped watching when Travis died. Is it any good past that point?

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    And no Ingen S5 is defunitely not better than S4 i stopped watching when they were relying on those Rick's grimes connections and those helicopter cliffhangers to keep their viewers watching,enough is enough people just need to admit that this show isn't gonna get any better and move on.

  • I stopped watching when nick died and that girl who killed him is part of their group, Madison was the nail in the coffin for me, waiting for the next show that AMC announced to enjoy its first 2-3 seasons until someone like gimple dumps it's original showrunner and kills the show like they did to this.

  • It's as shit as Season 4, i will not watch anything related to The Walking Dead anymore since is only deception...

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