Something is happening?

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I noticed both telltalegames and bill willingham just followed Phil LaMarr, who is a voice actor in games and animations in twitter. Does that mean they're hiring him for sth special or it's just a coincidence?


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    Pretty sure Twitter shows followers based on order you followed them and Phil is pretty low down on Bill's list, seems he started following him a long time ago. Same can be said about Telltale seeing how Phil was in Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale was already following him.

  • Phil was in Tales as Cassius and he was also some extras in MCSM s1. I’m pretty sure TTG already followed him.

    Did notice TTG Twitter went from following 1555 to 1553 accounts over the past few days. Likely just accounts being suspended or deleting themselves

  • Alright then. Thanks.

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