"What It Always Is" Episode Discussion

Hey, Negan escaped, that's kind of interesting.

Comment before, while, and after you watch.


  • I am absolutely hyped for some Negan-Whisperers action. It's one of my favorite turns in the comics.

  • I'm liking Negan more and more every episode

  • I actually thought Kelly was a boy until I learned what her name was

  • I like this take on Brandon. Very different from the comics. Interesting that he's not the one that let Negan out, so I wonder who it was. Also it looks like they're going full steam ahead with Daryl and Connie! Hopefully it doesn't end in tragedy.

    The last bit has me really excited for what happens next. Can't wait to see Negan and Beta duke it out.

  • Poor Ezekiel. Of all the ways he could've died in the apocalypse and his days had to be numbered by cancer. Strangely it almost seems like it's a walker bite but works much more slowly. Hopefully he gets an end where he can go out like a badass. or at least if he wants to he can die in a peaceful way even with a war going on. Either way it's much better than how he went in the comics.

  • Chilling. Brilliant. Maybe even my favourite episode of Season 10 thus far.

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    They need to leave Ezekiel alone, like seriously give the guy a break. I’m thinking though that they’ll turn his misfortune into fortune and he’ll finally get the happy ending he deserves. Also Negan’s little pig little pig scene made me hit my nut, but you know... in the “I just failed NNN and I’ll happily own it” kind of way

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