LCG/Telltale Games PS4/PS3 sales figures

source :
sales from September 20-October 20

Puzzle Agent (PS3)
100 Units
RGX Showdown
300 Units
The Wolf Among Us (PS3/PS4)
6,500 Units
Batman: The Telltale Series(PS3/PS4)
34,000 Units
Batman: The Enemy Within(PS4)
37,000 Units

This is just some data for how many new players the LCG Telltale Games had recently. As you can see there isn’t really a reason to be worried about new TTG’s financial state. They have a steady income pipeline.

Perhaps this means that maybe another Batman game will be made before TWAU2? Probably not.


  • Nice! Guess the sales helped. Remember everyone, buy TWAU 2, don't just watch it on youtube. 10 years from now I hope I can still look forward to new Telltale releases.

  • Awesome. Interesting to see that they still hold the (publishing) rights to RGX Showdown. I don't know how it managed to survive on the store the whole year with Telltale dead.

  • Another thing to keep in mind is release date. TWAU is an older game; mostly everyone already has it, whereas Batman is much more recent and is only starting to catch on as a hidden gem.

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